Utility Bill Saving Secrets for South Texas

South Texas Energy Utility Bill Saving Secrets!

We’re coming up on that time of year again, you can feel it. It even feels like the sun just loves to shine a little too much on this state. With temperatures brutally scorching into the 110’s at times in June, July and August you can notice a loud buzzing noise outside, it’s that beautiful sound of all the air conditioners just humming, some all day, every day. This is also the same noise as money going down the drain. The only heat we like to feel in San Antonio is the Spurs heating up as they go into the conference finals against OKC.

Now what you may not be familiar with is all the little secrets that can hack away at that electric bill of yours. Coming into June you know you’re going to war with your electric bill so let’s go through some tips that actually work.

1.) Add weather stripping to your doors, seal up the house. This is an investment that will really save you money over the lifetime of your house. The great thing about this method is it works for both seasons the winter and the summer. It prevents hot or cold air from coming in, and hot or cold air from leaving the house. If you have 3 or 4 doors around your house that open to the outside air it can really add up. Make sure that air is not leaking into the attic too, that can really hurt your bill the most, and there’s a way to insulate your attic. On a windy day check to see if any air is coming in through any part of the home and then seal it up. There are many great residential insulation consultants out there that can help!

2.) Buy energy saving lights. Although this has nothing to do with your air conditioner, it has everything to do with your electric bill. Fluorescent lights can actually cut your electric bill in half. They will also last longer and they are not as warm as the older lights. If you have a lamp next to a sofa, this will actually make that sofa spot a little cooler, so it actually does have an impact on the temperature in certain spots of the home.

3.) Unblock all vents. Vents are like the veins in the body, if a vein is blocked it can cause all sorts of damage over time to the body, and possibly even death. Vents are sometimes placed in awkward places in the home, where pictures or furniture may also be, this will keep certain rooms or areas warm, and others possibly excessively too cool. This may not save as much on the bill but it will actually make your home feel more comfortable in all places and it may cause you to not turn down the ac some more.

4.) Unplug all small appliances. In the amazing world of technology that we live in, we tend to have many things plugged in that power a little burst of energy. DVD players,microwaves, alarm clocks, cell phone chargers, night lights, lab-top chargers, you name it. These small electrical devices individually don’t use up as much energy, however most are going all day, every day, this adds up. If you were to take a home that has a family of 4 to 6 people, this can add up to be a nice chunk of the electric bill. These devices don’t need to be plugged in all day every day, you can really cut some fat off the bill if you can conserve with these devices. Many experts believe that this is 10% of your electric bill.

5.) Close the blinds. The sun beaming into certain rooms will really keep the house warmer. If the blinds aren’t that great it might be worth the investment to find blinds that will keep out the sun and heat. This will save a nice little chunk off the electric bill.

6.) Wash your clothes in cold water. You may not believe it but this will actually save you between .30 to .40 cents per load on your electric bill. Just give it a try! Your clothes will actually still be just as clean too!

The more energy efficient you make your home it will save you a great amount of money over time. For real estate if a home buyer was to see how much they would save in energy over time it could have a big impact on the sale of the home. If the buyer couldn’t make up their mind between your home and another home, the energy saving costs might actually be the tipping point to sale your home. It’s worth it!

Jacob Wilson has done the Marketing for Mercury Control Commercial and Residential Heating/Air in Houston, Texas at Needcooling.com for 2 years now. He’s also an editor for their Blog. His favorite NBA team is the San Antonio Spurs and he’s a very passionate Texas Resident. 

Buc-ees New Braunfels

It’s New, It’s Huge, It’s Buc-ee’s New Braunfels!

Since we are somewhat experienced as long-haul road-trippers, we are – thank you very much – aficionados of those beside-the-highway establishments set up to offer gas, food, conveniences, or even just a place to pull over to stretch one’s legs and let the dog romp for a bit. Some of these places – like the Pilot Travel Centers and Flying J truck plazas – offer (or did offer, the last time we checked) amazing coffee, with half-and-half on tap, not those nasty little mini-containers of liquid chalk. And when I was stationed at Hill AFB in Ogden, Utah, we always used to calculate our commute to Southern California on I-15 to include a breakfast or lunch stop for burgers at the Bun Boy, in either Barstow or Baker – heck, my grandparents used to go to Los Vegas back in the day, and my father remembers stopping at the Bun Boy even then. The burgers were fantastic, the breakfast plates were huge, and there was always a lot of interesting people at the counter, including truck drivers who could tell you down to the mile marker where all the speed traps were. (Alas, the Baker Bun Boy, next to the world’s tallest thermometer went out of business a while ago.)

Head, shoulders and a good bit of torso above many such roadside establishments in which to pause in the midst of the weary journey is Buc-ee’s. What is Buc-ee’s? You may well ask; the answer is that it’s a chain of nineteen stores in South Texas aimed at supporting the long-drive motorist. It has a beaver mascot, a string of amusing and sometimes slightly raunchy billboards along the highways advertising their presence … and the cleanest bathrooms around. They started in the early eighties, offering cheap bags of ice, reasonably priced and good-quality food, and the aforementioned bathrooms … all of these things being hugely appreciated by travelers who have encountered … well, let’s just say that overpriced ice, horrible, expensive food and truly nasty bathrooms are more the usual thing for long-haul travelers. Remind me to tell you about the service station bathroom on the highway near Gibraltar which we once encountered. My then nine-year-old daughter took one horrified look at it and said, “Mom, I don’t have to go that bad.”

This being Texas, Buc-ee’s offers everything bigger, better and relatively cheaper … and more gas station lanes than I have ever seen in one place before. In short, it is to your usual truck plaza/traveler’s rest stop as Buckingham Palace is to a crumbling double-wide in a trailer park on the bad side of town … especially the latest Buc-ee’s, which opened this week in New Braunfels. The Luling Buc-ee’s, which we knew best, is now but a small annex to the splendor and glory of the New Braunfels outlet. I had never in my life seen a travel-plaza with servers cutting up BBQ brisket on a wooden stand … or a made-to-order deli … with a row of computer stations to place your order. Or as many soft-drink spigots as there were; seventy-five in a row, or so said one of the duty managers giving away samples of coleslaw and dips on chips. This new hall of splendors and merchandise is admirably placed just off IH-35 and the turnoffs to Canyon Lake and to Lake McQueeney – and quite honestly, it looks as if they could handle as many travelers at one time as are spectators at regular Spurs games.

But oddly enough – no 18-wheeler truck services. Just autos and RVs.

Time in our San Antonio Vegetable Garden

Time in the Vegetable Garden

by Celia Hayes

I look at the pictures that I took in the early spring, and I can hardly recognize my yard. A bitter winter freeze and various large and small animal depredations had pretty much laid waste to it for the last year or so … but what a difference five months have made! And a half-truckload of free mulch. And $65 dollars worth of timber and hardware from Lowe’s, and approximately $200 spent here and there, at the Antique Rose Emporium, HEB, and Sam’s Club for vegetable starts and premium potting soil and one or two other essential items. Considering that these expenses were spread over four months and between two of us, it’s not very much at all. The back yard garden looks good enough that I can invite people to see it, without suffering acute embarrassment.

The squash plants are spreading near and far, blooming luxuriantly – but so far, only a handful of tiny, inch-long squash. Note to self: Self, plant the squashes against the fence and give them plenty of space, as they seem to want to sprawl all over. The eggplants have fat purple and white blooms on them, but as yet, no embryonic eggplants, but the okra … a couple of incipient okras. Or is the singular of okra ‘oke’? Curiously, the pepper plants from last year are doing rather well, especially the one jalapeno planted in a separate pot

The most important item is – the tomatoes. We have three topsy-turvy planters, each with two plants in them, hanging from the top tier of a home-designed and built frame, suspended from two branches of the mulberry tree in the back yard. The plants have grown down, and the eight tomato plants in earth-boxes and self-watering pots below have grown up, supported on tomato cages … into one productive tangle. There are clusters of jade-green tomatoes everywhere, but it turned out that the tomatoes were irresistible to something with sharp and indiscriminant teeth. I suspected that the same critters were the same who raided throughout last year. They nibbled half of my hanging airplane/spider plants to death, digging up and digging up and eating the lush, juicy tubers that made the root network of the plants. The same hungry critters also ravaged the hanging turvey-planter full of peppers. We finally had to hang the pepper turvey from a hook in the center of the back porch roof, where the rats would have needed rappelling ropes and one of those hook-shooting thingys beloved of espionage thrillers to climb vertically from the edge of the roof to the pepper-plants.

And they did it in the last week or so, but this year we were out of patience with seeing our potential crop from this garden reduced by freeloading anything … birds, caterpillars, rodents, freeloaders of any phyla. We hates them, so we do my precious, we hates them! This year we set out baited rat-traps, and the first couple of rats caught in them were so big that they were … just maimed, which we did feel a little guilty about, but not much. The rats caught since then have been increasingly smaller and stone-cold instantly dead … and the tomatoes, peppers and hanging plants have since been unmolested. Still – the traps go out, every evening for another week or so. And that was my week in the garden; what was yours?

Gov Perry Renews Drought Emergency

Gov. Perry Renews Proclamation Extending Drought Emergency

Rick Perry, Governor of the State of Texas, issued an Emergency Disaster Proclamation on July 5, 201I, certifying that exceptional drought conditions posed a threat of imminent disaster in specified counties in Texas.

18th day of May, 2012, Governor Perry renewed the disaster proclamation and directs that all necessary measures, both public and private be implemented to meet that threat.

This state of disaster includes the counties of Andrews, Aransas, Archer, Armstrong, Atascosa, Austin, Bailey, Bandera, Bastrop, Baylor, Bee, Bell, Bexar, Blanco, Borden, Brazona, Brewster, Briscoe, Brooks, Brown, Bumet, Caldwell, Callahan, Cameron, Carson, Castro, Childress, Clay, Cochran, Coke, Coleman, Collingsworth, Colorado, Comal, Concho, Coryell, Cottle, Crane, Crockett, Crosby, Culberson, Dallam, Dawson, Deaf Smith, De’Witt, Dickens, Dimmit, Donley, Duval, Eastland, Ector, Edwards, El Paso, Fayette, Fisher, Floyd, Foard, Fort Bend, Frio, Gaines, Garza, Gillespie, Glasscock, Goliad, Gonzales, Guy, Guadalupe, Hale, Hall, Hansford, Hardeman, Hartley, Haskell, Hays, Hemphill, Hidalgo, Hockley, Howard, Hudspeth, Hutchinson, kion, Jackson, Jeff Davis, Jim Hogg, Jim’Wells, Jones, Karnes, Kendall, Kenedy, Kent, Kerr, Kimble, King, Kinney, Kleberg, Knox, La Salle, Lamb, Lampasas, Lavaca, Lee, Lipscomb, Live Oak, Llano, Loving, Lubbock, Lynn, Martin, Mason, Matagorda, Maverick, McCulloch, Mclennan, McMullen, Medina, Menard, Midland, Milam, Mitchell, Moore, Motley, Nolan, Nueces, Ochiltree, Oldham, Parmer, Pecos, Potter, Presidio, Randall, Reagan, Real, Reeves, Refugio, Roberts, Runnels, San Patricio, San Saba, Schleicher, Scury, Shackelford, Sherman, Starr, Stephens, Sterling, Stonewall, Sutton, Swisher, Taylor, Terrell, Terry, Throckmorton, Tom Green, Travis, Upton, Uvalde, Val Verde, Victoria, ‘Ward, Webb, ‘Wharton, Wheeler, Wichita, ‘Wilbarger,’Willacy, Williamson, Wilson,’Winkler, Yoakum, Young, Zapata and Zavala.

Gov. Perry Renews Proclamation Extending Drought Emergency

Commemorating Armed Forces

Commemorating Armed Forces Day Message

May 19, 2012

Armed Forces Day is a special day assigned for the commemoration and recognition of military service member’s unique and necessary sacrifices for the good of all. Observed every third week of May since 1949, the holiday continues giving people more insights and opportunities to realize how noble and how great the profession of the military is.

Thanks to all United States Veterans that have served, are serving and will choose to serve in the United States Military. US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, US Marine Corps and the US Coast Guard.

Thank you for your service!

Crossword Puzzle 9

SATXBlog Crossword Puzzle 9-“Classics”

“Classics?” by Myles Mellor
1. Certain sandwich
5. Broodish
10. Sky box?
14. Celestial
15. City in Rio de Janeiro
16. It gets pumped
17. Classic film
20. Lt.’s inferior, in the Navy
21. Carry away, in a way
22. Floppies, e.g.
23. Ticket info, maybe
24. Floor items
26. Stephen King title
29. Threat word
30. Drink from a dish
33. Group of eight
34. Horned mammal
35. Old Italian bread
36. Classic film
39. Bolted
40. Lions’ prey (pl.)
41. Great success
42. Load from a lode
43. Arctic sight
44. Underline
45. “Go ahead!”
46. Swaddle
47. “M*A*S*H” extra
50. Garlicky mayonnaise
52. Car accessory
55. Classic film
58. Carpet type
59. Moss-like
60. Org. with a mission
61. Seafood selection
62. Executive branch, informally
63. Calendar span
1. “Lord of War” star
2. Old Spanish kingdom
3. Garden decorations
4. Departure announcement
5. Happy face
6. Turkic language
7. Real
8. Crushing defeats
9. Hong Kong actress, Sally
10. Fuzzy fruits
11. Pupil’s place
12. Honky ending
13. Aims
18. Creep
19. Periphery
23. Bait
25. Military acronym
26. “All for one and one for all,” e.g.
27. Greek god liquid
28. Cubic measurement
29. Provide, as with a quality
30. Fine thread
31. Met expectations?
32. Agreements
34. With footnotes, e.g.
35. Ill-gotten gain
37. Unappealing fruit?
38. Kind of unit
43. Central points
44. Electrical transformer
45. Dreary song
46. Omnivorous mammal
47. Physics calculation
48. Canyon sound
49. East Indian lentil sauce
51. Mosque prayer leader
52. Braveheart hillside
53. Civil rights icon, to friends
54. Apple spray
56. Place for sweaters?
57. Unspecified number

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The Spurs Dynamic System

The Spur’s Dynamic System

by Randy Watson

Who would have thought the San Antonio Spurs had it in them? Even with three future Hall of Famers on the roster, no one thought they would be this good. How many people wrote them off? They are pretty much the same team as last year, right? And the year before? What did they do then? Well, that does not matter exactly because they did not win a championship and they did not shine at all, certainly for anyone outside of San Antonio.

Well, how things have changed. Duncan is playing like he is still a college student at Wake Forest. Where did those energetic legs come from? Is it because Gregg Popovich (Pop), the Spur’s coach, knows how to manage an NBA team? Or is it because Duncan decided to work extra hard in the extended off season? It is probably a bit of both.

Take a Breather, Think about the Future

Let’s look at Peyton Manning. Yes, you read that correctly. The future Hall of Fame QB, in the NFL, who is coming off a surgery and who has never seen the bench in the NFL because he refused to come out and give the second string QB an opportunity. Manning should have had Pop as a coach but would Manning have listened?

There was game after game when the Colts were blowing out the opposition and 5 minutes to go, Manning is still in the game slinging passes all around to his favorite receivers or handing the ball off. It never made that much sense to me and Manning possibly missed last season because of it and he may never be the QB he used to be.

The Spurs are another story. Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker have received the rest that they seemed to have needed and both are just clobbering their opponents. Duncan’s stellar play has been mentioned. But the big three have some serious help and this is known to the league because the league is getting smashed right now by the onslaught of the Spurs.

The Spurs have added Tiago Splitter, Gary Neal, and Kawhi Leonard which has proved to be respectable additions. The Spurs are deeper than ever before and this has the league petrified. Only one team stands in their way and that is the Thunder.

The Heat were the favorites to come out of the east but that idea has been dashed because of their golden center, Steve Bosch, went down with some sort of lower leg injury after he fell awkwardly on it. This type of injury to a key player would devastate most teams as it has the Heat but not the Pop led Spurs who have quietly built a team that is deep and formidable.

This is not the first time the Spurs have done this and Sean Elliot for sure knows all about that.

A Winning Business, a.k.a. NBA Team, Model

On top of the big three being fully rested and ready to whip some teams, the Spurs have another outstanding player who has been being developed by their winning and spectacular talent developing system. He goes by the likes of Danny Green. Green averaged about 9 points this season along with 4 rebounds. He plays the 2-guard position, stands around 6’6″ and is an athletic 210 pounds. His play in the post season has been stable and his production has been consistent. He is just another reason why Spurs’ fans in the Alamo City are smiling.

The state of Texas is thriving. The economy is poor but Texas is holding its own. If it is not Dallas winning an NBA championship, why not the Spurs? Well, the Oklahoma City Thunder may have some issues with that.

2007 Revisited

Some people say the Spurs should not have won a championship in 2007 because what Robert Horry did, smashing Sun’s outstanding point guard Steve Nash into the scorer’s table actually hurt the Suns because Amare Stoudemire was eventually suspended for Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals which gave the Spurs a serious advantage. They won Game 7 and the Cleveland Cavaliers did not stand a chance against the Spurs or the Suns if the Suns happened to make it. So in essence, should the Spurs win it this year? Do they deserve a championship or are they up one already because of the unsportsmanlike play from Horry?

The Imposing Teams from the West

Well, you could argue Shaquille O’Neal has 2 rings he does not deserve, along with the Lakers, and Kobe but oh well, back to 2012. It is a case of deja vu because two outstanding teams in the West will meet up again and the East has nothing to offer. Well, the Celtics could be a challenge to someone.

Garden Ridge Living

The Beauty of Garden Ridge Real Estate

by Randy Watson

Located about 19 miles north east of downtown San Antonio, Garden Ridge is a serene bedroom community with about 3,250 residents. Situated in Comal County, it has all the amenities of the big city without the hustle and bustle. It is the perfect solution for families seeking a residence in a peaceful area with easy access to the big city. Commuting to the city is a breeze given the proximity of Garden Ridge to Interstate 35 and is a quick trip to the airport. Though only about a little over seven square miles yet still have numerous sub-divisions. Some examples of Garden Ridge real estate include: Georg Ranch, 7 Hills Ranch, Wild Winds, Park Lane Estates, Oak Meadows Estates, Forest Waters Creekview, Ramble Ridge, Wild Wind, Trophy Oaks, Arrowood Estates, Regency Oaks and the Enclave of Garden Ridge.

Home prices start around $300,000 and most homes are situated on spacious lots which afford privacy as well as enough space for even large families. The average household income in Garden Ridge was at $128,000 in 2011. The community is served primarily by Comal Independent School District. The high school is Canyon High School. A new school, Garden Ridge Elementary, has recently started functioning and this institution was recently the recipient of an “exemplary” rating from the Texas Education Agency. (As with any school information, please confirm with the school district the schools that service homes you intend to purchase.)

Garden Ridge has an interesting history which can be traced back to the mid-17th century. Native American Indians, Spanish, and German settlers all made this region their home at some time or the other. The coming of the railroad to the region saw a drastic rise in the development activity in the locality. Garden Ridge was incorporated in 1972 and at the time was populated predominantly by descendants of early German settlers. Many longtime residents have numerous anecdotes to share with newcomers to the community. This is just another way to make people feel welcome.

The community has many churches in the area, including: Triumphant Lutheran Church, Bracken United Methodist, Northeast Bible Church, Garden Ridge Church of Christ, Garden Ridge Community Church and Covenant Baptist Church. Bracken Village and Rolling Oaks Mall are the two major shopping destinations in the vicinity. The former is a haven of small shops and restaurants that remind one of life in the 19th century. Restaurants in the Garden Ridge area cater to a variety of tastes and offer authentic American cuisine along with Italian, Mexican, Chinese, and German specialties. They range from fast food chains to exclusive restaurants with appropriate décor and lighting.

Nature is bountiful in Garden Ridge and this is illustrated at the exquisitely landscaped Paul Davis Park. There is a significant deer population in the area which speaks volumes about the emphasis laid on the need for a green environment in the midst of modern living and development. The open spaces with rolling hills and numerous canyons provide a lot of opportunity for outdoor recreation and family activities.

The Bracken caves, home to the famous Bat Cave, are close by and are home to the world’s largest colony of Mexican free-tailed bats The Natural Bridge Caverns are yet another natural attraction just outside of Garden Ridge. Hundreds of calcite formations, that have taken shape over centuries, can be seen here. The Natural Wildlife Ranch is another great place for family outings. Children and adults alike get to experience wild and exotic animals up close and learn more about them.

Numerous annual events are held in Garden Ridge and nearby. These range from the Easter Egg Hunt to the Summer Music Camp to Comal County Fair, Wurstfest and Oktoberfest. Caroling in the Caverns at Natural Bridge Caverns is an event unique to the area. Community participation ensures that bonhomie and camaraderie is rejuvenated on a regular basis.

The community has its own police department and the water company is city-owned. As a courtesy, the Garden Ridge police department will conduct house checks for owners who are going to be out of town and also does home security surveys for home owners. There is also a new community center which can be used for rentals and other community events.

Northeast Methodist Hospital is the biggest medical center in the area. Those with interests in volunteering or civic activities, there are organizations such as the Garden Ridge Lions Club, Garden Ridge Women’s Club, the Garden Ridge Republican Club and the Bracken Volunteer Fire Department Auxiliary. The Forest waters Lodge is a good place for families while Awanas Club is for the kids.

San Antonio Dog Friendly Condos for Sale

A Dog-Friendly List of San Antonio Condos for Sale

Check out my new San Antonio dog-friendly Condo list.

by Randy Watson

Hi, my name is Randy Watson and I am a self-confessed dog lover. I am also a real estate agent with Mission Realty, in San Antonio.

Texans love their dogs and cats… and here in San Antonio we are no exception. Dogs and cats are loved everywhere, except it gets a little tricky when it comes to buying real estate that accepts your pets. Especially when looking to buy: condominiums, townhomes and villas; since each may have its own rules and regulations regarding pets. Single family homes have fewer, if no restrictions regarding pets. (A word of caution, some HOA’s, even towns/cities may have dog restrictions.)

Moving to a new area, whether across town or across the country is stressful enough, especially, if you have pets. It can be frustrating to fall in love with the perfect home, only to learn that your fur-baby is too big or weighs over the condo complex limit. As a lifelong dog owner, I enjoy helping buyers and sellers who have pets with all their real estate needs. (I don’t want you to think we’re just limited to dogs and cats… if you have other animals, we can help with them too. Not many condos allow Longhorns, though… How about a nice farm or ranch for sale? ) My team of agents and I can help you find a dog friendly condo community that will welcome you and your dogs.


Many condominiums for sale in San Antonio allow pets, but, even so, it may not be exact the right condo for you and your furry friend. I happen to think that dogs need to have lots of green space. Just because the Condo board rules allow pets, doesn’t mean that is the right place for you and your dog. A condo that is a building in the middle of a parking lot with little to no grass or trees, doesn’t have a lot to offer for your dog, unless there are some nature trails or they are next to a park.

Some condos allow pets, but what they really mean is that they don’t really want pets. So you find out the rule is you must carry your dog through the lobby. (That’s pure craziness.) Or they only allow cats or non-shedding dogs under 12lbs. Don’t get frustrated, there are many San Antonio pet-friendly condos complexes that not only allow big dogs, but maybe allow 2 or 3 dogs, too.

Me and my hound, Milo (actually he’s an Australian Shepherd) are hunting down San Antonio condos for sale that not only allow pets, but welcome them with pet-centered amenities such as dog runs, dog wash tubs, and poop-bag dispensers near the potty areas. Maybe the condo complex has a nice dog park or trails nearby. We’ll check it out and see if we get the 2 paws up from my dog, Milo.

I’ve started creating a list of San Antonio dog-friendly condos for sale. It is by far, not a complete list and I’ll add to it as I find out more. If you happen to live in or know about a San Antonio dog-friendly condo please let me and Milo know and we will add your condo to our list.


Put us to work to find you a San Antonio condo for sale that fits you, your pets and your lifestyle. We are condo specialists, we specialize in Medical Center condos for sale, Alamo Heights condos, New Braunfels condos or downtown San Antonio condos for sale.

Call Team Randy Watson at 210-319-4960 to help find you a San Antonio Dog-Friendly Condo.

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day!

Hi Mom,

Happy Mother’s Day! Sorry, I am unable to be with you today, but I will see you soon.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers Everywhere! I love you!

I hope all Mothers have a great day!

God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers. – Jewish Proverb

The sweetest sounds to mortals given
Are heard in Mother, Home, and Heaven.
~William Goldsmith Brown

“M” is for the million things she gave me,
“O” means only that she’s growing old,
“T” is for the tears she shed to save me,
“H” is for her heart of purest gold;
“E” is for her eyes, with love-light shining,
“R” means right, and right she’ll always be,
Put them all together, they spell “MOTHER,”
A word that means the world to me.