December 2011

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Texans Vacation in Park City Utah

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011 at 6:50pm. 2,660 Views, 4 Comments.

What Park City, Utah Has to Offer to the Texas Vacationer

Ben Fisher of Sothebys International Real Estateby Ben Fisher

There is nothing more that Texans love than stepping out of their hometown for a vacation that is filled with the highest levels of luxury and comfort, and that is exactly what a vacation to Park City, Utah offers. Park City, Utah is a mountain community that features three world class resorts that is an oasis of beauty and a hub of outdoor activities. Park City offers the Texan a truly memorable vacation, whether it during the summer months or winter, and for the ski enthusiast, there is not a greater place on earth to vacation than Park City. Whether from Austin to El Paso, Houston to San Antonio, Paris to Dallas, Pampa to Midland and all parts in between, Texans love

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Considerations for Investing in Real Estate

Monday, December 5th, 2011 at 5:50pm. 5,430 Views, 1 Comments.

 7 Factors to Consider Before Investing In Real Estate

by Daniela Baker

There are several criteria to consider when investing in real estate, in addition to cash flow and long-term growth.

1. Employment and Job Growth. While monthly cash flow is important, it is also important to look for markets with corporate friendly cultures, strong employment centers and robust employment growth in the foreseeable future. Each factor is a useful indicator that the population will continue to increase creating an increased demand for real estate with steadily rising prices.

2. Consider the price to rent ratio. This is commonly referred to s the "Gross Rent Multiplier" (GRM) which is essentially a figure derived by taking the price of the property and

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Hurray for Walmart Associates

Sunday, December 4th, 2011 at 7:28pm. 2,173 Views, 3 Comments.

Walmart Hero Shout OUT!

Written by Randy Watson

WalmartAs much as I hate to admit it, I was shopping at my San Antonio neighborhood Walmart this afternoon along with hundreds of others. Christmas rush at Walmart isn't full on yet, but Walmart was full none the less. Fortunately, my shoping excursion didn't include buying any Christmas gifts or toys. I was only in getting some groceries and toiletry items.

While in the toothepaste aisle looking for my favorite toothepaste, a little boy perhaps 4 or 5 walked past a number of people. I thought it strange as he didn't look attached to any of the nearby adults he walked past. I thought he looked kind of like he might be lost. He was holding it together until I bent over and asked if he was okay. (How could

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Leftover Turkey

Thursday, December 1st, 2011 at 11:55am. 2,049 Views, 0 Comments.

 Lead On, Oh Turkey Eternal


by Celia Hayes

Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Haul by Celia Hayes www.satxproperty.comSo, Thanksgiving – what about it all just inspires a hostess or hostesses to just pile on the mass quantities of food? Is it the inspiration of the turkey, which just makes everyone suddenly prone to super-size quantities of everything else? Vats of stuffing, the biggest pot in the kitchen full of mashed potatoes and a small ocean of gravy – it's all there, and a magnificent sight it is, the buffet table fairly groaning with the weight of it all – but in the whole of my life I have only once not had to deal with the resulting acre and a half of leftovers after hosting or organizing a Thanksgiving dinner. That one time was the year that I was assigned to Yongson Army Infantry Garrison Korea, as part of

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