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Quarry Farmers and Ranchers Market

Monday, October 14th, 2013 at 10:33am. 5,813 Views, 0 Comments.

Quarry Market, San Antonio by Celia Hayes www.satxproperty.com Goat Milk Soap and Salve by Celia Hayes www.satxproperty.com

The Quarry Farmers and Ranchers Market

 by Celia Hayes

Squash and Tomatoes by Celia Hayes www.satxproperty.comFresh Squeezed Orange Delight by Celia Hayes www.satxproperty.comIt's one of my habits – established when we lived in Athens in the early 1980s – going to the local street or farmer's market.  It was the custom of the country that every neighborhood had a day of the week, when a three or four-block length of one of the main streets in the suburb would be blocked off, and the local vendors and farmers would set up two rows of booths and sell to the community, beginning just before dawn and continuing through midday. It was usually seasonal fruits and vegetables, and each little booth pretty much specialized in one item – lemons, or artichokes on long stalks, or potatoes with patches of the damp soil they had been grown in still clinging to them. There was

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Jams and Preserves A Specialty Shop in Fredericksburg

Sunday, September 1st, 2013 at 9:05am. 3,232 Views, 0 Comments.

A Little Local Home Grown Company

by Celia Hayes

Stuff on the Shelves at Das Peach Haus by Celia Hayes www.satxproperty.comThe cat is watching Das Peach Haus by Celia Hayes www.satxproperty.comSo, I came to San Antonio for my final tour of Air Force duty in 1995 – but I think it took a little while for me to discover Fredericksburg, and the lovely, tasty specialty food products put out by Fischer and Wieser, of Fredericksburg in the Hill Country. It is in my mind that for the first couple of years, Fredericksburg was the only place that you could buy them anyway. Certainly all the little gourmet food outlets along Main Street had a good selection of Fischer & Wieser jams and preserves. There was an annex to Das Peach Haus in a teeny former residence near to the Nimitz Museum, which is where we usually bought those items which took our fancy.

Rush Limbaugh Sweet Tea at Das Peach Haus by Celia Hayes www.satxproperty.comLooking at the company website, it appears

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Texas Tea

Monday, July 22nd, 2013 at 8:49am. 1,475 Views, 0 Comments.

South Texas Oil

The Texas FlagI can't say that I was very surprised to find out from various online sources last week that Texas is pumping so much oil from the Eagle Ford Shale formation in South Texas (among other oil-rich shale formations, some of which are not quite as well-along as far as drilling goes) that if it were an independent country, it would be one of the top fifteen oil producers. I am not one who follows this kind of thing, religiously – although where I grew up in Southern California, I remember seeing many a small rocking-horse pumpjacks scattered here and there, nodding busily away in the bean-fields and citrus orchards in Camarillo, or along the highways and back roads. It was just one of those things in the background. I don't know if there are

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Texas Governor Lauches Chicago Ads

Monday, April 15th, 2013 at 2:02pm. 1,545 Views, 0 Comments.

Gov. Perry Launches Chicago Ads

Gov. Perry Launches Chicago Ads: Texas is Escape Route from High Taxes, Burdensome Regulations

Monday, April 15, 2013  •  Austin, Texas  •  Press Release

As part of his ongoing efforts to spur competition between states and recruit jobs and employers to Texas, Gov. Rick Perry is taking his message of low taxes, predictable regulations, fair courts and a skilled workforce to employers in Chicago with a week-long web and print ad buy in Crain's Chicago Business Journal and on chicagobusiness.com. Paid for by TexasOne, the $38,450 mixed media advertising buy includes a two-day takeover of the website, email marketing and a full page ad in Monday's edition of Crain's Chicago Business Journal.

The governor's

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Texas Neighorly Christmas Goodies

Thursday, December 20th, 2012 at 9:44am. 1,972 Views, 0 Comments.

Christmas Goodies Neighborhood Style

by Celia Hayes


Henry the Cat, Unamused by Celia Hayes www.satxproperty.comI know, I am trying as hard as I can to get into the Christmas mood – an uphill fight, since I have been sidelined most days by the Cold From Hell. This is the cold that I developed after Thanksgiving, which sends me coughing persistently as if I am about to hack up a large piece of lung. It saps about three-quarters of my energy, and an equal portion of my interest in life, the universe and everything ... including Christmas. The good thing is that I got just about all of my Christmas shopping done, thanks to the internet and a nicely-timed and generous payment for some work accomplished ... so, on to gifts intended for two good friends. At the estate auction in Fredericksburg this summer,

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Texas King Cotton

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012 at 11:59am. 4,441 Views, 0 Comments.

When Cotton Was King

by Celia Hayes

Comal Cotton Gin Chimney by Celia Hayes www.satxproperty.comAmazingly enough, cotton once was king in this part of Texas, even though one thinks more of cattle ranches rather than large-scale cotton production. By the mid 1700s, the Spanish missions established at the headwaters of the San Antonio River produced several thousand pounds of cotton fiber annually, which was spun and woven into cloth for local consumption. The climate was just right to grow cotton, all through the Rio Grande Valley and other more or less temperate regions. Once the threat of Indian raids diminished after the Civil War, and railways opened up access to distant markets, cotton agriculture thrived all across Texas – mostly on a share-cropped basis, where a landowner contracted with an otherwise

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Ye Kendall Inn

Thursday, September 27th, 2012 at 9:53am. 12,718 Views, 0 Comments.

Boerne – Ye Kendall Inn


Call Mission Realty for Boerne Homes for Sale

by Celia Hayes

Ye Kendall Inn Entrance by Celia Hayes www.satxproperty.comSo, we were off to Boerne again last Friday, rejoicing in the rain that had fallen the night before – this time so that I could do a talk on the Civil War in the Hill Country for a local chapter of the Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War. Quite a few of the members are transplanted Texans, courtesy of military service – so the series of events in the years 1860-65 in the Hill Country were new to them and interesting.

The Creek Restaurant in Boerne by Celia Hayes www.satxproperty.comTo me, the nice part of the meeting was that it took place at Ye Kendall Inn, in the modern-but-decorated-to- look-old Halle – the conference center, which is just one of the ramble of buildings – many of them historic and fascinating

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The Cibolo Creek Flows Through Boerne

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012 at 1:56pm. 4,263 Views, 2 Comments.

A River Flows Through It

 by Celia Hayes Click photos to enlarge

Boerne Riverside Park with Cypress by Celia Hayes www.satxproperty.comNature Store - Boerne Texas by Celia Hayes www.satxproperty.comAs the Riverwalk of San Antonio is such an ornament to the city and such a popular tourist attraction (only second after the Alamo) that one of the nicknames for our fair town is 'The River City' you'd think that any municipal organization possessing the necessary attribute – a permanent body of water deeper than a puddle in, or flowing through downtown – would have been been seen as a gift and an opportunity to do something like it. Maybe not cheek by cheek eateries and boutiques – but at least a pleasant string park, paralleling the river bank can this be created, for the benefit of the residents, the enriching of those retail establishments lucky to overlook it, and the sheer

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Saturday, August 18th, 2012 at 3:09pm. 5,439 Views, 0 Comments.

The Way of the Okra

Team Randy Watson of Mission Realty in San Antonio Texas

The Beginnings of Okra Pickles by Celia Hayes www.satxproperty.comThe Basic Ingredients-Okra pickle and tomato salad by Celia Hayes www.satxproperty.comAlthough I have only one huge okra plant, and a couple of others which have produced intermittently and spasmodically, individual okes (is that the singular of okra, like meese should be the singular of moose?) my garden just doesn't seem to produced sufficient of them in a short period of time to make a decent batch of okra pickles on any given day. At least, not enough to be worth firing up the canning kettle. It's really not worth heating up the kitchen in my San Antonio home unless there are at least three quarts or six pints in contention ... and my okra plants just aren't that prolific. So I cheated – I went and bought two pounds of okra at the Indian market (cunningly disguised as a gas station on the corner of 410 and

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Road Trip to Bergheim Texas

Thursday, May 31st, 2012 at 2:00pm. 4,238 Views, 0 Comments.

Road Trip: Bergheim

by Celia Hayes

Bergheim General Store and Post Office by Celia Hayes www.satxproperty.comThe name 'bergheim' means – if I remember my several years of high school and college German correctly – 'mountain home'. Strictly speaking, although the beating urban heart of Bergheim, Texas, is not anywhere near a mountain that I would recognize as such, (having lived at the foot of the Wasatch Range in Utah, or from living in the foothills of California's San Gabriels) it is pleasingly situated at the top of a substantial rise in the Hill Country, and a pleasant drive north from San Antonio. Especially, if you take 46 to get there; either east from Boerne, or west from Bulverde; the road rambles through rolling country, sparsely scattered with small ranches and housing developments, groves of trees, campgrounds

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