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Home Made Marinara Sauce

Thursday, September 11th, 2014 at 8:02am. 2,079 Views, 0 Comments.



Marinara by Celia Hayes www.satxproperty.comSince getting the new refrigerator, revamping the larder cupboard, getting the vacuum sealer and experimenting with canning, bottling and picking – we’ve been stocking up even more intensely. Well – now that we have the space, or the re-vamped space, and the technology – why not? Indeed, thanks to a fortunately-timed stop at the marked-down shelf at the local HEB a couple of weeks ago, I can report that our requirements for exotic vinegars, balsamic and otherwise, have been fulfilled for the foreseeable future. And one of our projects over last weekend was to clear out the deep-freezer in the garage. Yes, indeed – it is possible to lose track of what is on the rearmost shelves; we found a package of frozen chicken with a best if by date

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Tomato Ketchup Chronicles

Friday, June 6th, 2014 at 11:28am. 2,300 Views, 0 Comments.

Tomato Ketchup Chronicles

by Celia Hayes

Ketchup Making Raw Materirals by Celia Hayes www.satxproperty.comI was inspired by an old blog and Facebook friend, Katie Barry, to have a go at making home-made ketchup this weekend. I had often intended to try it before, as this condiment is one that we (as Katie points out in her own housekeeping blog) all have in our condiment collection. I was put off some of the recipes for it in my own collection of canning books, because they called for simply awesome quantities of fresh tomatoes, and unless and until my garden starts producing tomatoes by the ton ... well, I like fresh home-grown tomatoes too much to condiment them. But Katie's recipe started with canned diced tomatoes, and I thought ... oh, that is doable. One six-pound can of diced tomatoes from Sam's Club, and

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Hanging Gardens of Spring Creek Forest

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014 at 8:14pm. 3,099 Views, 0 Comments.

The Splendid Hanging Gardens of Spring Creek Forest – Spring 2014

by Celia Hayes 

The Butterfly Bushes Revived Apr 1 by Celia Hayes www.satxproperty.comAll right then – I confess that after last year’s disastrous tomato adventure – in which that which wasn’t killed by the heat was demolished by invading rats – I could be forgiven for giving up entirely. But darn it, the year before was so bountiful … well, not really all that bountiful, but a good many dinners enlivened with fresh sliced tomatoes on the salad. I hunger for fresh garden tomatoes, and it’s too darned far to drive down to Trader Joe’s for a box of their assorted baby heirloom tomatoes every day or so, with gas over $3.00 a gallon. I stocked up at Rainbow Gardens on a wide assortment of heirloom tomato starts, after the unseasonable hard freeze at the end

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Gardening March 2014

Thursday, March 13th, 2014 at 10:35am. 1,327 Views, 0 Comments.

Planning for the Garden

By Celia Hayes

Embryonic Garden - Vast Collection of Pots by Celia Hayes www.satxproperty.comOnce more into the breach, my friends; withRenewed Front Entryway by Celia Hayes www.satxproperty.com the date of the last predicted frost in South Texas historically being in mid-March, it's time to get started with vegetables. Indeed, the local HEB began putting out vegetable starts late in February, when the temperatures became so balmy and mild that I was seriously tempted in indulge – after all, $1.00-1.25 for a four-inch pot with a healthy young plant in it? Yes, I was eager to enter the fray once again, after last years' disastrous tomato-growing debacle. It was too hot, too soon, and those plants which did manage to bear fruit ... well, the rats got to them. Not just the tomatoes, but the fresh young sprigs, and the leaves of the pepper plants as well.

Low Planting Bed Along the Front Walkway by Celia Hayes www.satxproperty.comThe

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A Vegetable Medley

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013 at 8:49am. 1,742 Views, 1 Comments.


Mission Realty-San Antonio Real Estate

by Celia Hayes

Alack and alas, the squashes which I planted in the spring, which came up, leafed out and flowered bountifully never actually produced any squash plants before they gracefully sank to the ground, withered and gave up the ghost. This has been to my complete mystification – they were provided plenty of sun, water and fertilizer, and I did not see that any of the plants were afflicted with vine borers. Well, next spring is another chance for a San Antonio home backyard garden; meanwhile I have pulled up the dead plants and harvested the small crop of red potatoes ... which did thrive, although most of the resulting potatoes were the size of marbles and radishes. We have already eaten the largest of them – and tasty indeed…

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Our Little Backyard Garden in April

Thursday, May 16th, 2013 at 8:26am. 1,579 Views, 1 Comments.

April in the Garden

 by Celia Hayes

Paprika Peppers are Thriving by Celia Hayes www.satxproperty.comHanging Tomatoes March 31st by Celia Hayes www.satxproperty.comAh, the rain which fell last week; glorious, bountiful rain, just when we had given up all hope of seeing such again. And just about when I had concluded that we had skipped over spring entirely and gone straight into summer. Having to run the air conditioner because it's ninety degrees outside – freaking ninety degrees! – in March! That is just wrong ... especially when most of the rest of the northern hemisphere is suffering cold, rain, snow. If I could have figured out a way to swap about twenty degrees of Fahrenheit for about ten inches of rain over a week or so, I would so do it.

Beans on April 6th by Celia Hayes www.satxproperty.comSquash Potatoes and Onions by Celia Hayes www.satxproperty.comOn the other hand, the cycle of undue warmth and a sudden generous rain has worked out in the long run, so I ought not to

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Ongoing Garden Plans

Thursday, February 21st, 2013 at 2:53pm. 2,631 Views, 0 Comments.

Ongoing Garden Plans – and a Lament

 by Celia Hayes

Hanging Garden Frame by Celia Hayes www.satxproperty.comWell, we'll need a bag or two more of potting soil to properly fill up the big raised bed that I wrote about a couple of week ago, so there'll be a delay in planting it. There'll also be a delay in constructing the two narrower raised beds, which will be placed against the fence, with a bit of latticing attached, so that that plants which wish to climb – like beans, peas and cucumbers – can go to town. The big bed will be planted with zucchini and summer squash, which are supposed to produce by the ton, but which last year got attacked by some nasty kind of crud/parasite which attacked their stems and killed the plants themselves almost overnight.

The patent topsy-turvy tomato planters, which

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South Texas Garden Plans

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013 at 10:51am. 5,611 Views, 0 Comments.

Plans for the Garden – Spring 2013


by Celia Hayes

Winter Cayenne Peppers by Celia Hayes www.satxproperty.comWhen just about everything in the garden was done producing for the year and the weather began to cool off, my daughter and I put up the folding gazebo-greenhouse which one of our San Antonio neighbors decided was surplus to needs. Into it went all the surviving plants, and the delicate things, like the patchouli plant, the pepper vine, an earth-box full of salad greens and lettuce, and another with three tomato plants which had self-seeded from last year's crop. In advance of the first cold snap, we zipped up the window openings and doorway, and aside from unzipping the door long enough to water everything once a week, we pretty much ignored it. All the plants inside thrived on this regimen, and

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Saturday, August 18th, 2012 at 3:09pm. 5,410 Views, 0 Comments.

The Way of the Okra

Team Randy Watson of Mission Realty in San Antonio Texas

The Beginnings of Okra Pickles by Celia Hayes www.satxproperty.comThe Basic Ingredients-Okra pickle and tomato salad by Celia Hayes www.satxproperty.comAlthough I have only one huge okra plant, and a couple of others which have produced intermittently and spasmodically, individual okes (is that the singular of okra, like meese should be the singular of moose?) my garden just doesn't seem to produced sufficient of them in a short period of time to make a decent batch of okra pickles on any given day. At least, not enough to be worth firing up the canning kettle. It's really not worth heating up the kitchen in my San Antonio home unless there are at least three quarts or six pints in contention ... and my okra plants just aren't that prolific. So I cheated – I went and bought two pounds of okra at the Indian market (cunningly disguised as a gas station on the corner of 410 and

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Yes We Have Tomatoes

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011 at 10:24am. 2,604 Views, 0 Comments.

Reviving the Garden: Tomato Victory

San Antonio Mission Realty  Randy Watson 210-744-4514

 by Celia Hayes

Tomato crop-Oct 23 by Celia Hayes www.satxproperty.comThe curse on growing tomatoes in my garden has definitely been lifted: we have ripe red tomatoes on the vine, and promising clusters of green ones – and although they are not all very large, they are tasty. So the Topsy-Turvys do the trick as promised; even if they haven't resulted in simply bushel-baskets of tomatoes, they have indeed tomatoes, which is about three stepsHanging Garden Oct 23 by Celia Hayes www.satxproperty.com farther than I have ever been able to go before. Next spring we will try out some of those heirloom varieties, and if my daughter, the queen of all garage sales, manages to score a few more Topsys at marked-down rates, we'll soon have so many suspended from the tree in the back yard that it will be more than your life is worth

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