Mission Realty Crossword Puzzles: Staying Ahead of the Industry

San Antonio, TX, March 13, 2012 /satxproperty.com Press Release/ Internationally-renowned crossword puzzle writer, Myles Mellor authors crosswords puzzles for the website of The Randy Watson Team of Realtors at Mission Realty.

No matter what industry or field you are in, the question always seems to be how to go about attracting new clients to your website and services, while keeping existing clients happy with all you have to offer. Texas Real Estate Agent Randy Watson and his entire team of Realtors at Mission Realty know the answer to that question.
They are staying ahead of the industry in a very innovative and creative way. In addition to being on top of all the best listings in the San Antonio area, they are entertaining their clients and keeping them coming back for more by offering printable real estate-themed crosswords on their SATXBlog, and interactive crossword puzzles, which are accessible from their home page.
Mission Realty has found one of the values of theme and interactive crossword puzzles is that they serve to challenge the minds of their clients, while also providing a creative way for advertisers to promote. Crosswords can be used as an incentive to existing and potential clients, as well. Special offers can be given to those who complete the puzzle in its entirety, with clues placed throughout the website thus requiring people to navigate through in order to find and complete their puzzle. The options are limitless.
Author of Mission Realty's crossword puzzles is none other than internationally-renowned crossword puzzle writer, Myles Mellor. Mellor is considered to be one of the most successful crossword puzzle writers in America today and he is broadly recognized for his custom and theme crossword puzzles. He publishes over 100 crosswords a month, and has his puzzles featured in over 400 magazines, newspapers, apps and websites.
With theme crossword puzzles, mobile apps and an in-depth knowledge of the San Antonio real estate market, there is no doubt why Mission Realty is the place to go if you are looking to buy, sell or even inquire about the local real estate market. Offering all the services a potential buyer or seller could require, and more, Mission Realty is there to help you meet your San Antonio real estate needs.
For more information on Mission Realty, you can visit their website or contact them at satxproperty.com. For information on, or to inquire about getting theme, custom or interactive crossword puzzles for your website and business, contact Myles Mellor directly through his website.

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