Lackland Air Force Base

Like the famous drinking establishment in the movie Casablanca - everybody comes to Lackland AFB. Or at least, every enlisted person in the Air Force since the end of WWII has - with minor exceptions during the Korean and Vietnam Wars when an overflow of recruits was diverted to other bases. For a good many years, officers came to Lackland, too: their officer candidate training course at Lackland also, on the Medina Base Annex. As the sign says, "Gateway to the Air Force," - it's been this way ever since construction began on a facility to house and train aviation cadets in 1941, when the adjacent and parent base, Kelly AFB, was filled up to the brim.

For many, many years, Lackland was unique among Air Force bases for being the only one in the world without a flight line. No flying mission, no working aircraft, no reason to have one, since the mission was basic training. A complex of tents and quickly-constructed temporary barracks, over the years Lackland AFB drew in a larger portion of the training mission, with more and more specialty courses and schools. Ironically, after the closing of the San Antonio Air Logistics Center, Kelly AFB shrank to a shadow of itself, and the remaining military missions were transferred administratively to Lackland. The one-time parent base became a mere field annex . . . and finally provided Lackland with an operational flightline!

Unlike the other two main military establishments - Randolph AFB and Fort Sam Houston - there are practically no historical buildings of significance at Lackland. Much of the base was housed in WWII/Korean War-era one or two-story frame temporary buildings, and after 25 years of hard use, were definitely past their ‘best if used by' date. In the late 1960s a series of upgrades and renovations kicked off, beginning with the construction of Wilford Hall, a relatively compact high-rise main hospital building to replace a sprawl of 94 well-aged temporary buildings. Each of the large training activities got their own consolidated building, with a ground-level core housing mess halls, classrooms and offices, and multiple-level barracks wings on stilts above paved assembly areas.

Such historical relics at Lackland are comprised of a small museum, and a half-century of aviation history, ranged around the edge of Lackland's parade ground. Significant aircraft on static display include a B-52 Stratofortress, F-4 Phantom II, an SR-71 Blackbird, C-121 Constellation, B-17 Flying Fortress and a B-25 Mitchell. These aircraft form the backdrop for the weekly parade and graduation exercises for those recruits who have successfully completed AF Basic Military Training, every Friday morning at 9.

Currently, Lackland has continued moving towards conducting training missions across the Department of Defense: Working dogs and handlers for the DOD and various federal agencies are now trained there. The Defense Language Institute's English Language Center, and the Inter-American Air Forces Academy, which offers technical training for enlisted students from Air Forces throughout North and South America and the Caribbean are also located on the training side of the base.

Everyone - not just Air Force trainees - comes to Lackland, nowadays. Lackland Air Force Base, Texas, is one of three installations comprising Joint Base San Antonio, as part of the 502nd Air Base Wing. Base support functions and services are managed by the 802 Mission Support Group. Lackland is home to more than 120 Department of Defense and associate organizations, including the 37th Training Wing, the largest training wing in the U.S. Air Force. Lackland is the Air Force's only site for enlisted basic military training, and also offers professional and technical skills, and English language training for members of the U.S. Air Force, other military services, government agencies, and allies. Its four primary training functions graduate more than 86,000 students annually. Other major tenants include Air Reserve Command's 433rd Airlift Wing, the Texas Air National Guard 149th Fighter Wing, the 59th Medical Wing, the Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency, and the 67th Network Warfare Wing.

Current Lackland Air Force Base Major Command and Units include:

802nd Mission Support Group
• 802nd MSG Judge Advocate (Legal)
• 802nd Civil Engineer Squadron
• 802nd Communications Squadron
• 802nd Comptroller Squadron
• 802nd Contracting Squadron
• 802nd Logistics Readiness Squadron
• 802nd Force Support Squadron
• 802nd FSS Services Division
• 802nd Operations Support Squadron
• 802nd Security Forces Squadron

37th Training Group
• 37th Training Support Squadron
• 341st Training Squadron
• 342nd Training Squadron
• 343rd Training Squadron
• 344th Training Squadron
• 345th Training Squadron

737th Training Group
• 737th Training Support Squadron
• 319th Training Squadron
• 320th Training Squadron
• 321st Training Squadron
• 322nd Training Squadron
• 323rd Training Squadron
• 324th Training Squadron
• 326th Training Squadron
• 331st Training Squadron

Inter-American Air Forces Academy

Defense Language Institute

Associate Units
• AF Basic Training
• 24th Air Force
• 433rd Airlift Wing
• 149th Fighter Wing
• 59th Medical Wing
• AF ISR Agency
• Civil Air Patrol
• Corps of Engineers
• DeCA & Midwest Region
• Gov. Printing Office
• AF Security Forces Ctr
• LAFB Commissary
• Lackland ISD
• Officers Spouses Club
• Tops In Blue
• NIOC-T - Navy Information Operations Command, Texas
• 307th Red Horse
• 369th Recruiting Grp
• 651st Munitions Sq
• 701 Military Police Bn
• AF Audit Agency
• AF Legal Services/ ADC
• AFOSI - Det 409
• Army Animal Disease
• Cryptologic Systems Grp
• Def. Courier Station-Kelly
• Marine Corps Det
• Marine Co. H Spt Bn
• Naval Corrections
• Oklahoma City ALC
• HQ AF Services Agency
• American Red Cross