Spurs Month long Road Trip Begins

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Spurs Month-long Road Trip Begins

The San Antonio Spurs had a nice four game winning streak going, until they went out west to face the Lakers for the second time this month.  Earlier in the month, the Spurs beat the Lakers in San Antonio on a last second shot by Roger Mason to eek out a 112-111 victory over the defending Western Conference Champs.  This time, in LA, there would be no heroics, and the Spurs left with a 14 point loss.  It really wasn’t that close.  A 10-2 LA run to start the 4th quarter boosted the lead to 21 points and both teams threw in the towel, sitting down their stars for the remainder.

February always marks a strange time in the season for the Spurs, as their home city and arena is taken over for the annual rodeo.  The game against LA marks the first game in a one-month road trip that will take them to all corners of the US and Canada.  The team will play 12 consecutive road games during that period.

Currently, the Spurs are in first place in the Southwest Division, holding onto a slim, one game lead over New Orleans.  As has been all year, the Southwest Division remains the most competitive in the league with just 4.5 games separating the top 4 teams.  Overall, in the Western Conference, the Spurs remain 5 games behind Los Angeles.

Looking at San Antonio’s record, the Spurs are 17-7 at home, and 13-7 on the road.  The only teams with better road records are LA, Boston, and Orlando, so if San Antonio can run through this gauntlet relatively unscathed, they will be in a prime position to win their division, and challenge LA for the West.  The next few games will be tough ones.  San Antonio plays, in order: Phoenix, New Orleans, Golden State, Denver, and Boston, to star off the trip.

Now is as good a time as any to look at some of the teams stats to see how they match up against the rest of the league.
The Spurs are 2nd in the league in 3 point percentage, trailing only the Magic
8th in the league in FG%
22nd in the league in total rebounds per game
2nd in the league in fewest turnovers, trailing only Detroit
7th in the league in assists
21st in points scored
Surprisingly, the Spurs are dead last in the league with steals per game.  A shocking statistic for one of the best defensive teams year in and year out.
The Spurs are also dead last in offensive rebounds, but are 8th in defensive rebounds.

In the second, and most recent game in their road trip, San Antonio faced the always tough Utah Jazz, and came away 106-100 winners.  Although the Spurs didn’t have an answer for Ronnie Brewer (24 points on 8-11 shooting), neither did the Jazz have an answer for Ginobili.  The Argentine saved the best for last, and saved his team in the process.  Ginobili made all 8 free throws in the final period, and scored 10 of his 13 points in the 4th.

The starters for both teams did all the damage in the game, with Ginobili being the only reserve to score in double digits.  Aside from Manu’s 13 points, the rest of the Spurs bench only managed 12.  Utah’s was worse, however, only managing 6 points.

Tony Parker and Tim Duncan led all scorers with 24 points each.


Cowboy Breakfast Kicks off Rodeo Season in San Antonio

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Cowboy Breakfast Kicks off Rodeo Season in San Antonio

As January winds down, San Antonio is gearing up for its annual Stock Show and Rodeo, the city’s signature event.  As always, the event gets underway with the annual Cowboy Breakfast, which will be held at The Rim for the second straight year.  Organizers are hoping this year’s event will be a record-setting one, quite literally.  The hopes are to set the world’s record for most coffee served ever at an event, and are expecting 40,000 people to attend the breakfast.  Breakfast and coffee is free, and the fare includes such Texas staples as breakfast tacos, biscuits and gravy, menudo, sausage links, tamales, barbacoa, and much more.  The Cowboy Breakfast already holds the record for the World’s Largest Outdoor Cooked Breakfast.

The breakfast takes place on January 30th from 5 AM until 9 AM, at the Rim Shopping Center Parking Lot at La Cantera Parkway and I-H 10.

The following day sees the 60th edition of the Texas Longhorn Cattle Drive pass through the streets of downtown San Antonio.  Cattle drives, of course, were what put Texas on the map, and more than anything represent the state’s history and culture.  Before San Antonio was made up of roads and freeways, it was first denoted by the trails that the cowboys drove the cattle through.  In commemoration of this part of the city’s history, the cattle drive will maneuver a herd of Texas’ best longhorns from Christus Santa Rosa Hospital at Houston Street to the Alamo.  There’s no better way to get ready for the rodeo than with a steer drive, so bring the whole family–and don’t forget the cameras!  The drive is January 31st at 11 AM and admission is free.

If the cattle drive puts you in the mood for some good ole Texas BBQ, then you’re in luck!  Six Flags is hosting the 13th Annual Bar-B-Que Cook-Off in the parking lot.  The $12 entrance fee gets you in for all the meat you can eat, as well as live music, judging of the food, vendor booths, kids activities, and more.  Musical acts include the Scott Wiggins Band at noon, Jason Allen at 1:00, the Bad Boys Olympics at 2:30, and Zach Walther and the Cronkites at 4:30.  The evening’s entertainment kicks off with Aaron Watson at 8 PM, and Mark Chestnutt headlining at 10 PM.  Judging takes place all day from 11 AM until 5:30.  Proceeds from the event go to help the SALE Scholarship Fund, so come on down for some good eats, and support an even better cause!


411 on Foreclosures and Short Sales

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Short sale and foreclosure rates are at an all-time high in the housingmarket.Many have found themselves unable to make their mortgage payments and lenders are taking action to recoup their losses. This potentially means good deals are out there, but you should also be aware
of the ramifications of purchasing a foreclosure or a short sale.

It’s imperative that you prepare for the process and are flexible since it takes longer than a normal purchase. It’s also important to choose an agent that has experience in these kinds of listings who can guide you through every step as seamlessly as possible. You may also want to speak to a real estate attorney to determine the potential drawbacks.

Although foreclosed homes are oftenpriced much lower than regular listings, there are some things you should look out for. Foreclosed homes are often sold “as is.” You will be able to have the house inspected before you buy it; however, the bank will not be required to make any necessary repairs. It will be up to you to pay for the inspection and to decide if you should continue with the purchase of the property thereafter.

Any people think another option for a good deal is a short sale, meaning the homeowner is negotiating with the bank to be able to sell the house for less than what is owed on the mortgage. Homeowners who find themselves buried by overwhelming mortgage payments may choose this alternative over foreclosure to avoid bankruptcy and destroying their credit. However, short sales are a notoriously lengthy process, rendering any prospective buyer unable to write a contract on any other home for what could be weeks or months. If you are not restricted to a lease termination, a short sale may be an alternative for you.

With either type of transaction, keep your budget and time constraints in mind when considering the offer. The price may be great, but the possible issues with purchasing an “as is” property may cost you more in the long run.

Courtesy of Navy Federal Credit Union (navyfederal.org)


SPCA is Now Offering Wellness Clinics

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Keep Your Pet Healthy In 2009

Keep Your Pet Healthy In 2009

Humane Society/SPCA Is Now Offering Wellness Clinics!

(San Antonio, Texas) During this economic crisis, every penny counts and in an effort to help the San Antonio community and their pets, the Humane Society/SPCA of Bexar County is proud to offer Wellness Clinics. With our Veterinarian, Dr. Hurst, other clinic staff and
volunteers on hand, we have been able to assist hundreds of pets towards the end of 2008.

We have had a tremendous turnout so far and hope with the next few scheduled dates, that we will exceed our past numbers and slowly but surely vaccinate, microchip and examine many more four-legged companions.

The Wellness Clinics will be held at the Humane Society Education Center on January 24th, February 14th and 28th, March 14th and 28th. While the scheduled time is from 8am-12pm, we suggest arriving early, as the clinics are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please be aware
that we have the right to deny treatment to aggressive animals.

Vaccinations are essential for a variety of reasons. Getting your pet vaccinated annually helps protect them from diseases and/or infections and essentially lengthens their life-span. The Humane Society is not only administering vaccinations, we are also offering $25 microchipping,
nail trimming, heartworm tests, feline leukemia tests and much more. Keeping your companions safe from mosquitoes, who are the transferors of heartworm disease, is extremely important, as the treatment for heartworm positive dogs can lead to a costly bill.
That is why, depending on your pets weight, you can purchase a preventative called Advantage Multi for prices ranging from $8.00-$10.50.

For more information, please visit Humane Society of Bexar County or call (210) 226-7461.

Remember, a healthy pet is a happy pet!

Humane Society/SPCA of Bexar County

4804 Fredericksburg Road, San Antonio, Texas, 78229


Future of Green

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LAS VEGAS (Real Estate Center) – While “green” may have become little more than a buzzword to some skeptical consumers, some building industry insiders say the vast majority of consumers have embraced the long-term benefits and understand that going green is “the right thing to do.”

At the International Builders Show today, representatives for several home appliance manufacturers were on hand to talk about the future of green as well as their efforts to create products that are more energy efficient.

So what does the future hold?

For Marvin Windows and Doors, it’s all about daylight. Company spokesman Brett Boyum said they are working on products that bring more sun – and the sun’s natural health benefits – into the home.

Energy efficiency gets all the press and attention within political circles, but what about finding more efficient ways to use the world’s water supply?

“In the very near future, water will be a bigger issue than energy is today,” said Omer “Butch” Gaudette.

Guadette, director of trade relations for Whirlpool Corporation, said 97 percent of the world’s water supply is salienated. Two percent of the remaining drinkable water is tied up in polar ice caps, leaving 1 percent for immediate consumption.

To help ensure that 1 percent is used as efficiently as possible, companies such as Whirlpool and Kohler are stepping up their efforts to create more efficient appliances. Among those efforts are waterless urinals and dual-flush toilets.

Does it cost more to be green? Gaudette says no. While some added cost goes into developing energy efficient products, he said consumers will see value in the long run.

The Real Estate Center is part of the Mays Business School at Texas A&M University in College Station – the heart of the Research Valley.



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Sudoku (Japanese:数独, Sudoku) is a hobby that became popular in Japan in 1986. The goal is to fill a 9 × 9 grid cells (81 boxes) sub divided into 3 × 3 with the numbers 1 to 9 on some numbers already provided in some of the cells. What matters, however, is that they are nine distinct elements. You should not repeat any figure in the same row, column or sub. A sudoku is well posed if the solution is unique. The resolution of the problem requires some patience and logic skills.La Familia y El Hogar Boletín es presentada por.




Granola casera de frutas y nueces

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Receta: Granola casera de frutas y nueces

·    3 tazas de avena
·    1/2 taza de  nueces lisas picadas
·    1/4 de taza de almendras peladas y picadas
·    1/3 de taza de semillas de girasol
·    1/3 de taza de semillas de sésamo
·    1/3 de taza de germen de trigo
·    1/4 de taza de aceite de canola
·    3 cucharadas soperas de azúcar morena
·    3cucharadas  soperas de jarabe de arce
·    1 cucharita de vainilla
·    1 cucharita de canela
·    1/4 de cucharita de sal
·    1/2 taza de manzanas desecadas picadas en cuadritos
·    1/2 taza de dátiles desecados
·    1/2 taza de pasas de uva

Precalentar el horno a 149° C. Mezclar  todas juntas  las avenas, las nueces, las almendras, las semillas de girasol, la semillas de sésamo y el germen de trigo. En un tazón separado, mezcle el aceite de canola,el azúcar morena, el jarabe de arce, la vainilla, la canela y la sal. Viértala sobre la mezcla de avenas. Extienda la mezcla en un molde de hor near de 10” x 15” cubierto con papel de aluminio. Hornee, durante 40 minutos o hasta que esté dorado, revolviendo cada 15 minutos. Agregue las manzanas desecadas, los dátiles y las pasas. Mezcle bien y enfríe.


Cumpleanos para recordar en enero y febrero

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Cumpleaños Para Rcordar en Enero y Febrero

Arthur H. Robinson nació el 5 de enero de 1915. El cartógrafo es más conocido por la Proyección Robinson – un mapa del mundo que transformó el globo en una hoja lisa, de un modo que resultaba agradable a los espectadores.

Luis Marden, quien el 25 de enero hubiera cumplido 96 años, era un fotógrafo y explorador. Fue pionero en el uso de la fotografía en color, en particular bajo el agua, y viajó por todo el mundo para la revista National Geographic. De niño aprendió por si mismo cinco lenguas como también los jeroglíficos egipcios

El químico Ira Remsen nació el 10 de febrero de 1846. Remsen es más conocido por descubrir, juntamente con Constantin Fahlberg, el endulzante artificial sacarina. Hizo el descubrimiento por accidente mientras trabajaba en un laboratorio con derivados de brea de carbón.


Conocia Usted estos hechos curiosos

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Conocía Ud. estos hechos curiosos
  • Una tormenta de hielo causó una paralización masiva al noreste de los Estados Unidos el 4 de enero de 1988.
  • La construcción del puente Golden Gate se comenzó el 5 de enero de 1933.
  • El RMS Queen Mary 2, el barco de pasajeros más grande que haya existido, fue bautizado el 8 de enero del 2004.
  • Popeye el Marinero apareció por primera vez como una tira cómica el 17 de enero de 1929.
  • El primer avión jet de transporte, el de Havilland Comet, entró en servicio el 22 de enero de 1952.
  • La primer computadora Apple Macintosh salió a la venta el 2 de enero de 1984.
  • Los primeros reclutados al Salón de la Fama de Béisbol fueron anunciados el 29 de enero de 1936.
  • YouTube fué lanzado el 15 de febrero del 2005


Bienvenido al mundo de Ikea Hacking

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¡Bienvenido al mundo de Ikea Hacking!

No hay muchas casas sin por lo menos un mueble de Ikea. La tienda de muebles sueca ha tenido un éxito extraordinario vendiendo muebles bien diseñados a precios razonables.

Pero a veces no puede encontrar exactamente lo que busca en el gigante depósito azul. Y para eso está Ikea Hacks: modos de modificar productos de Ikea para adecuarlos a sus necesidades. Y en realidad han aparecido sitios enteros dedicados a este tema. He aquí algunas ideas de Ikea Hacker (ikeahacker.blogspot.com):

  • Unir dos porta CDs para hacer un secador de vajilla
  • Usar madera de terraza para hacer un piso de baño al estilo de un jacuzzi
  • Usar un mostrador hecho de tablón de carnicero para hacer un atractivoescritorio
  • Un divisor de habitación hecho de una cómoda
  • Un gabinete de medicinas que esconde un bar
  • Un tocador que sirve de un bonito porta CDs
  • …. y un tren en escala ¡dentro de una mesa de café Ikea!