San Antonio Summer Art and Jazz Festival

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San Antonio Summer Art & Jazz Festival

The SAS Fest, or officially The San Antonio Summer Art & Jazz Festival, is always held annually on the first weekend of June. It is packed with the famous Texas food, Arts and Crafts, and ten awesome jazz concerts. This year will be 6th annual event and they wanting to continue providing the entertainment in a family atmosphere.

So what is the SAS Fest? Aside from being a great festival, it is great for learning too. This year there will be two free jazz workshops. The workshops have been created to help young student musicians develop their skills of playing their instruments within jazz music. Any person is welcome to attend, although the workshops are aimed at the underprivileged school districts in the area. If you are wanting to learn more about jazz music in general, or simply the music industry, you are encouraged to participate.

Although the original idea of the San Antonio Summer Art & Jazz Festival was simply to promote jazz music, it now is also a supporter of charity. Some of the proceeds received from attending the SAS Fest will go to “Any Baby Can”. It is a non-profit organization created to provide free services to young children who have serious disabilities or illnesses.

SAS also welcomes an estimated forty children from the “Children’s Shelter”. The Children’s Shelter provides housing and care for abused or abandoned children. SAS will provide a nice area at the festival, a dinner, and a toy for each of the children from the Children’s Shelter.

If you would like to attend or even participate in the SAS event, you are encouraged to visit their website for more details. They are seeking talented jazz musicians to display their talent at the festival.

When: June 6th – June 8th, 2008

Where: Crocket Park, San Antonio, Texas

Visit for directions.

Pets, coolers, and outside food and drink are not allowed.

You are encouraged to bring a lawn chair.

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