3 Ways to Save on Your Phone Bill


Still spending too much on monthly telephone bills?

Start saving today by slashing the cost of long distance and extra features with these super-inexpensive telephone providers:

Vonage: Charging only $25 per month for unlimited long distance – including Puerto Rico – Vonage is a leader in VOIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, phone service. The base rate includes all the extras you have come to know and love at no additional cost. In many areas you can even pick your own phone number. Visit www.vonage.com.

Skype: Make free video calls and regular telephone calls by downloading Skype. Free voicemail, group chats and a variety of other fun features make Skype a popular choice for VOIP. Visit www.skype.com.

Ooma: A relative newcomer, ooma is a bit different than other providers, since there are no recurring monthly service charges. Basically, you purchase the phone system for roughly $200, then receive unlimited calling and a full package of features for free.  Visit www.ooma.com.