A Weekend in the Markets

by Celia Hayes

Several markets, actually – beginning with the super-gigantic NEISD – PTA book sale, which is held every year in April at the Blossom Athletic center basketball stadium. This is the nirvana of book sales to a serious aficionado of same, both because of the flat rate involved: 50 cents for softbound, one dollar for hard-bound, no matter what the size or original value of the book involved, and because … well, there is nearly half an acre of books, and all of them roughly organized by category, and I have been able to replace many of the books that my parents had in their house when it burned to the ground in 2003; books and serious publications like Horizon and American Heritage, which I consumed as if they were Godiva chocolates from the time that I could read words of three syllables and more.

Very likely that is where my affection for excellent writing, far corners of the earth and exciting history came from. This time, I scored twenty-two books, half of them being copies of the American Heritage magazine when it was published in hardback and without advertisements. I recognized every one of the covers, since they were from 1964-1966. This made a full and heavy box full of books, for which I requested the services of a sturdy youth to carry them out to the Montero. These events are fully staffed by adult, teenage and grade-school age volunteers, it benefits the PTA of the Northside Independent School District here in San Antonio, the range of books on offer is incredible and the prices for them cannot be beaten with a stick. Look for next year’s sale sometime in April, 2013. NEISD is one of the largest school districts in San Antonio. Search for NEISD homes for sale online.

From there, my daughter and I headed north to Boerne, for Market Days and a pleasant afternoon going up Main Street and dipping into those variously tempting establishments with goods affordable to the likes of us – especially those antique stores which have pressed glass among the goods. My daughter collects this … but from antique stores is not so much fun as scoring it at yard and estate sales. We went to support a neighbor of ours who makes hanging bird-feeders from plates, and curious ornamented lamps made from bottles filled with glass pebbles … he’s another retiree like me, with an all-consuming interest and a certain degree of skill.

There are a number of interesting new shops along Main Street now; the one which we liked the best was a The Squirrel’s Nest resale shop, at 255 South Main which benefits the Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation center in Kendalia. This is a place which does an absolutely sterling and very valuable job; that is, they’re the folks you call when you find an injured wild critter or bird. You might not know what to do, but they do. And there were some very nice things in the resale shop… Boerne, TX is in the Texas Hill Country. Search online for Boerne ISD homes for sale.

We love market days in Boerne (pronounced ‘Bernie’) – my daughter says it is one of San Antonio’s bedroom slippers, with Bulverde being the other slipper. Market Days in Boerne are on the second weekend of the month, on the town square, which is adorned by a bandstand and a line of pecan trees around three sides. There is a regular booth offering the very best beef or chicken gorditas, made with fresh-fried corn tortillas and simply stuffed to the brim with juicy goodness. Regulars to the market and townspeople on Main Street know about this … so I’m glad to know the secret is out. They set up at the river end of town square, just across the street from the waterworks building and the public lavatories.

And that was my weekend – yours?