Enjoy a Sneeze-Free Summer with These Allergy Busters


Summer allergies are nothing to sneeze at, especially for those with potentially severe insect or food allergies. Learn how to relieve summer allergies and rejoin the summer fun with these helpful hints.


Avoid contact with known allergy triggers such as plants, pet dander and other common culprits by reducing exposure and eliminating possible contact. Cut back trees and keep areas where insects can hide free of debris.

Keeping It Clean

Keep pets and the household clean with frequent dusting, mopping and washing and by using a HEPA air filter. Cleaning upholstery and air ducts is also a great way to reduce watery eyes, asthma symptoms and other air quality issues associated with pollen, pet dander and spores.


Use an age-appropriate allergy medication that won’t leave you sleepy, and keep a variety of gels, creams and oral and topical medications on hand. For more serious allergies, make sure to wear a medical alert bracelet and keep, if it has been prescribed, keep your EpiPen handy at all times.

Wear Protective Clothing

Invest in a lightweight hat, gloves, eye-glasses and other protective gear that will reduce direct exposure to potential irritants such as grass, pollen or plants. Remove clothing and wash carefully to minimize exposure.