Well-known artist, minister, and spiritual advisor, Craig Beman, has just opened his brand-new gallery in Stephenville, TX.

Stephenville, TX (Press Release) December 13, 2007 -- Well-known artist, minister, and spiritual advisor, Craig Beman, has just opened his brand-new gallery just off the Court House Square in Stephenville, TX, the county seat of Erath County, the Cowboy Capital of Texas and home of Tarleton State University.

Craig Beman Artwork, Fine Arts Gallery  is a haven for not only his own artwork, but for that of other like-minded artists as well. Beman derives his inspiration from his spirituality and his faith, and explores the themes of motivation, nature, history, and peace. In addition to being an artist, and now a gallery owner, Beman, along with his wife, run Healing Promises Ministries,  an association which helps ministers and preachers fulfill their missions and callings through a meetings, exchanges, seminars, and retreats. In fact, Beman uses his earnings from the sale of his art to help finance Healing Promises. Beman and his wife, Peggy, have been ministering together since 1999, and he has been producing artwork almost as long.

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Beman is not a formally trained artist, rather he credits his abilities to a higher power, claiming that God gave him his abilities on the fortieth day after founding his Christian ministry. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Economics from the University of Nebraska.

Beman's artwork uses a unique process called the Giclee method, which mixes hand-made techniques with computer enhancement to create one-of-a-kind prints. Beman uses cutting edge technology combined with his own skill to produce paintings and sketches of people, places, and activities which inspire him, and all of us. The Giclee process features high-quality, multi-density pigments and inks, combined with mathematics, color-design, which combined with the pure talent of the artist, produce long-lasting, quality works.

His "Great Plains" series of landscapes captures the majesty and awe of nature. His "Tropical" series is a meditation on places which inspire through their peacefulness, tranquility, and the rejuvenation that they provide. Sports and our relationship to the athletes that play them is another theme that Beman explores in his work, and he seeks to demonstrate how these heroes motivate and inspire us through their dedication, leadership, and pure ability.

Another source of inspiration that Beman is drawing from is his new home and gallery in Stephenville. Beman is new to the Texas scene, most recently having lived in San Antonio's Stone Oak area  and previously in Florida prior to moving to the Lone Star State, and is finding a new muse by exploring his new home through his artwork.

With the opening of his new gallery, Craig Beman hopes to continue to inspire, minister, and motivate people to live a more positive and spiritual life.

Beman's art gallery is located in Stephenville, Texas at:

Craig Beman Artwork
Fine Art Gallery
270 West College
Stephenville, TX 76401