Surrounded by the beautiful Texas Hill County, just 30 minutes from downtown San Antonio


 Located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, just 30 miles northwest of San Antonio, the wild west spirit of pioneer Texas is still alive in the town of Boerne. Settled by German immigrants in the mid-1800s, Boerne attracts visitors each year who wish to see what the old days were like, and even take part in the festivities! But residents live here because of the peaceful, neighborly, small-town atmosphere and natural beauty that allows its citizens the peace of mind and tranquility to enjoy their lives, rather than endure them in the fast pace of San Antonio.

Boerne was founded by German free thinking individuals, who truly embodied the openness and frontier spirit that made the west so unique, and make Boerne such a special place even today. Indeed, this wild west spirit was such, that the original Germans were atheists, who wouldn’t allow churches to be built in their town, and even painted signs stating that all preachers found in the town after sunset would be shot! Today, though, things are quite different, and there are plenty of churches, but the independent spirit upon which the city was founded is still quite alive.

Residents of the city feel that they have the best of both worlds: a peaceful life where they are free to wander down Hauptstrasse (Main Street) peaking in the art galleries, curio shops, and antique stores that exist among the Old World European architecture that gives the town its own distinct flavor.

Certainly, the natural beauty of the surrounding Hill Country landscape enchants residents and visitors alike, and for those who enjoy outdoor activities, Boerne provides an endless array of possibilities. Parks and protected areas such as the Honey Creek State National Area, Cave Without a Name, Cascade Caverns, and the Cibolo Nature Center, insure that miles and miles of hiking and biking trails are maintained, and for anglers, the numerous streams, rivers, and lakes provide opportunities to pull out a variety of species of fish. Hunters, too, enjoy the chance to go after deer, birds, and almost anything else with feathers, paws, or claws.

Boerne certainly has something for everyone--from 5 star dining, to shopping for antiques and oddities, top rated schools and from the sophistication of the café life to a rugged outdoor adventure--anyone wishing to escape from the manic city life of San Antonio will find what they are looking for in Boerne. The town is a place to come to rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit, as well as to indulge your creative, slightly bohemian side. A truly interesting mix of the American West and European charm, Boerne has the power to turn visitors into residents. Be careful, one visit will have you wanting to find a Boerne property of your own here!