Use Self Storage To Help Clean Your Garage

by Randy Watson

Outdoor sports such as softball, baseball, football, golf and Frisbee are activities I enjoy when it is nice enough to get outside. Much of this summer was far too hot to be outside playing with the kids or having people over and thus the golf clubs and softball gear didn't get much action. Usually there is extra space in the house to keep all of my gear but with another baby and larger home office, the sports equipment is losing ground quickly. Most of it is beginning to pile up in the garage which is forcing the cars into the driveway. Now that the weather is starting to cool off, it's time to start golfing and dusting off the softball bats. What are options for cleaning out the garage with limited space in the house though? After some research, I found the best choice was to rent a self storage unit.

The most obvious possession which should be stored in your garage is a car. Aside from a car, most of the time the garage is used for other stuff you can't fit in the house like paint cans, spare wood, sheet rock, ladders and lawn chairs. Sometimes, there isn't even enough room in the house or garage to keep all of your extra stuff and something gets compromised, in my case the cars going into the driveway instead of the garage. I saw this as a potential issue and decided to clean out the garage before it got to looking like a closet where anything extra got dropped and left for later. In addition to paint cans, wood and ladders there was my sports equipment and seasonal tools – lawnmowers, shovels, snow blowers and trimmers.

You have your choice, buy a new San Antonio home or begin cleaning the garage, I made three piles of "stuff". One pile was for things I could keep, the second was for things to be donated and the third was trash. Once I got going into cleaning mode I was surprised how quickly it went and how quickly the piles built up. Most of my sporting equipment was in the keep pile aside from some old gloves, hockey sticks and golf clubs which were all donated. The trash pile was filled with wrappers, papers, dirt and dust as a result from me sweeping it clean. I was surprised at how much room I now had in the garage but it still wasn't enough to get both cars in.

I decided to rent a storage unit to keep most of my seasonal garage tools, sports gear and even an old couch I had in a storage room in the basement. Winter shovels, snow boots, a snow blower, hockey gear and the couch all fit comfortably in a 5 x 10 storage unit. Once the seasons shift, I will be able to store my summer gear and tools and use my winter tools and gear. The garage is now clean, both cars fit nicely and I have more time to golf. Another bonus is my wife is happy because she can find everything she needs and all of my smelly hockey gear is in a storage unit until the winter.

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