4 Back-to-the-Future Tips to Keep the Family Entertained


Entertaining children over the summer doesn’t need to be expensive or exhausting if you follow these kid-approved tips.

Make a schedule; then add a few of these fun and budget-friendly activities to the list each week. They’re sure to keep kids entertained while allowing adults a little time-out of their very own. Best of all, kids and adults can have fun together to make this the best summer ever.

Renew those library cards. If you haven’t visited the library in a while, you are in for a pleasant surprise. Rent videos and books and encourage children to participate in story time or other fun activities. Not only is a library visit fun and educational, but it provides plenty for kids to do back at home.

Rediscover yard games. Break out the lemonade; then plan a day of fun by rediscovering old-fashioned yard games: horseshoes, croquet, volleyball and other great games are sure to be favorites.

Picnic in the park. Take the family out for a little quality time at the local park. Let the kids help pack the sandwiches; then just sit back and relax while everyone enjoys the fresh air and sunshine.

Roast and toast hot dogs and marshmallows. Summer is a special time, even when the sun goes down. Let your kids share in the simple delight of roasting marshmallows and hot dogs on an open fire; then chasing lightning bugs or watching the moon for a summer full of memories that will last a lifetime.