Eva Longoria and Tony Parker are getting married!

Written by Randy Watson

So much for all those breakup theories we've been hearing last year. The San Antonio Spurs point guard and the Desperate Housewives star are going to tie the knot at the Chateau de Chantilly, a castle North of Paris. I guess Eva\'s plans of a small, low key wedding are thrown out the window. Now Eva wants a ceremony that is \"big and beautiful\", with lots of family and friends. Rumor has it that they are getting married on July 7 th, being the lucky triple seven date of 07-07-07. Tony is very superstitious and thinks this day is the luckiest day to get married on.

Tony proposed to Eva last year after a game with the Utah Jazz. He surprised Eva by flying to Los Angeles and was at house when she got home from work around midnight. The couple then called the Ryan Seacrest radio show to announce their engagement.

A wedding in France isn't that far fetched for Eva and Tony, since Tony grew up in France and his mother, Dutch model Pamela Firestone and other family members are living in France. Eva is headed to France next month with wedding planner Mindy Weiss to meet with Tony's mom and to plan out the wedding.

She has also started to learn French, her fiancée's native language. Eva has accompanied Tony to Paris last year when their breakup rumors were at its peak. Eva reportedly dumped Tony because he was flirting with another woman, but a representative of the couple has said that they were simply going through a rough time in their relationship. I guess they have smoothed over their differences, as it would take a major disaster for them to call off this wedding.

Eva and Tony are also listed as one of the top ten hottest NBA relationships on ESPN. (They keep a list???) Seem that the only qualification for a couple to be included in the list is that it involves an NBA player and a celebrity or a high profile athlete.

Eva also has a tattoo of Tony's initials somewhere on her body. She's not saying where, except that her three other tattoos are on public display but the one with Tony's initials are seen only by him. Her words:
"Im not saying where it is - but let's just say he gets to view it on a very regular basis!"

We all remember Eva's claims of being the more experienced one in the bedroom, as she was previously married to General Hospital star Tyler Christopher and is seven years older than Tony. Well, what happens behind closed doors is their business. Although Eva could keep their private lives private instead of airing out their dirty laundry for everyone to see. We don't really need to know about their bedroom habits and secret tattoos…. But if it's all right with Tony, who are we to complain?

Their fans will have to just look forward to this wedding in a fairy tale castle. Will they live happily ever after? Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Created Sunday, 04 March 2007