Family Fun

So, off to Wurstfest in New Braunfels last weekend: an all out community celebration of suds and sausage-onna-stick, along with culinary explorations of deep-fried-anything . . . like Oreo cookies. (Seriously. I tasted one . . . not bad, really, but just because something can be done - doesn't mean that it ought to.) Although Wurstfest after dark on weekend evenings probably does get a little rowdy - in the daytime it still is very much a family-oriented, family friendly event. The music and the fairground rides, the face-painting and the funny hats appeal to all ages, and what is more - can all be enjoyed by all generations together.

After the fairground rides at Wurstfest, I thought the most popular part for children at Landa Park was either the stone walk alongside the Comal River or the long sloping lawn between the Wurstfest grounds and the riverbank. There were a handful of children amusing themselves by collecting pecans fallen from the trees, or lying down on the grass and rolling down the slope.

One of childhood's simple and basic pleasures, that is. (The only way to improve upon it would have been to ride a skateboard or a wagon down that slope . . . but since the slope terminated in a metal fence a little above the riverbank . . . perhaps best not.) Anyway, Halloween trick-or-treating at La Villita and good community fun at Wurstfest provided excellent family fun for next to nothing, save the effort of actually getting there.

What other upcoming events and venues are there, which offer similar scope for family fun? Well, there are the seasonal waterparks, like the Schlitterbahn (also in New Braunfels) and the year-round delights of Sea World in San Antonio . . . but there are lower-key and more old-fashioned establishments like the San Antonio Botanical garden, and the Science Treehouse at the Witte Museum. And the Witte also currently has an exhibition marking the centennial of the Mexican Revolution, too.

And we're coming up on Christmas; over the next two months there will be Christmas parades, visits by Santa or the Three Kings to every possible venue. New Braunfels will have their Christmas market, and so will Goliad, with their Christmas on the Square. Santa will arrive on fire-trucks and tame long-horns, and communities all across the Hill Country and San Antonio will ornament themselves with miles of Christmas lights and tableaus. And it will all be fantastic!