5 Ways to Get Ahead of the Pack When Job Hunting

Whether you are merely browsing for potential opportunities or newly unemployed and searching in earnest, learn how to set yourself ahead of the pack when job hunting with these effective employment strategies.

  • Update the Resume. Use keywords to maximize exposure and pass pre-screening filters while remaining concise and relevant.  Focus on demonstrated results and measurable outcomes.
  • Network. Social media sites like LinkedIn are created with professionals in mind, so make the most of contacts to enhance exposure.
  • Manage Your Media. Blogs, a personal website and even your online persona on other sites say a lot about you, so make sure to manage your online presence. More employers than ever research prospective applicants  so create an online presence that will impress.
  • Pay to Play. Depending upon your field, many websites allow job seekers to pay to play. It can be well worth the time, effort and expense to set up an account and pay to access the contact information for a specific position at a large company or gain other insider information about upcoming positions.
  • Old School. Although technology has transformed the way we search for jobs, don’t neglect old-school methods. For example, in addition to using a recruiter, sign up for RSS feeds for instant notification of every position within a given zip code in order to maximize your reach. Alumni associations,