Helotes, the Gateway to the Texas Hill Country

Written by Randy Watson

Situated just 16 miles from busy San Antonio is the historic and beautiful town of Helotes. Historic and beautiful, and meant to stay that way! For years, San Antonio has been trying to annex this uniquely peaceful community, but in 1981, the citizens of the town voted to incorporate into the City of Helotes, and the results have paid off. Rather than becoming just another district in the growing behemoth of San Antonio, Helotes is making its own decisions and calling its own shots these days, and is fierce in its determination to preserve the relaxed country atmosphere, neighborly way of life, and natural beauty that makes it such a special community. In fact, Helotes is so beautiful that the secret is getting out! The city was used to film the 2000 movie, All the Pretty Horses.

Like most parts of Texas, Helotes is home to a multi-cultural community, many of whom can trace their roots back to the Apaches, who first inhabited the area, or to European stock, including the Canary Islanders who were the first Europeans to settle the land. The friendliness of the people, and the family-oriented atmosphere means that wherever you are from, you’re feel at home in Helotes!

The town is home to the annual Cornyval Festival, held the first weekend in May to celebrate the Indian corn harvest. Indeed, the name Helote’ comes from the Indian word for green corn! The celebration is great fun for the whole family, featuring rodeos, music, and food, and games. Music and entertainment are happening each weekend.

The natural beauty found here is so stunning and gorgeous that the hustle and bustle of San Antonios city life will melt away into the clean Texas Hill Country breeze. Government Canyon Park is here; offering miles of trails, picnic areas, and streams and brooks to enjoy. The park is a great place for families to spend time together amid the mesquite, juniper, and wild oak trees, and come for exercise and the fresh air that is hard to find in San Antonio. Nature lovers will also love spending time along Scenic Loop Road and Helotes Creek.

Although, peace, tranquility, and a relaxing country atmosphere are what draw many residents to Helotes, the city features many modern services and new subdivisions being built with housing to rival anything San Antonio has to offer. Helotes Residents here feel that they have it made: able to enjoy the quiet life of a small town, while having all the conveniences of the big city, just sixteen miles down the road.