How to Sell Your House… Even in Today’s Market

Falling home prices, slow housing starts, rising unemployment...with so much bad economic news it might seem futile to place your home on the market.

Don't despair. Despite the current financial crisis, there is good news for sellers: buyers are still interested in homes that are priced right.

Learn how to sell your home even in a bad economy with these quick tips:


During tough economic times buyers seek shelter, safety and security above luxury.

Make sure the marketing materials relate the same information.

Price It Right
Without exception one of the most

important aspects of selling a home is to price it right but pricing is only part of the equation.

Consider holding a note, accepting a partial trade as down payment or using other creative methods to make the deal work.

Add Bling to Bring in the Bucks

It doesn't cost a lot to make your home look its best.

Consider painting in the new colors for 2009, clearing away the clutter and investing in some strategically placed landscaping to refresh the look of your home and attract attention both online and in person.

Remember, first impressions matter the most when trying to sell a home in a bad economy.