Wake up Feeling Cranky? How to Start the Day Right

Admit it. You sometimes wake feeling a bit cranky or out of sorts. Maybe you didn't have a good night sleep or you feel hassled and hurried about the day ahead. Whatever the reason you can learn to fix it with these quick tips:

Face It: The first step to dealing with any problem is to face it head-on. Procrastination, denial and rationalization only create more anxiety - not less.  Instead, simply acknowledge the source of the problem then plan to address it.

Sing or Smile: Did you know that smiling creates powerful bio-chemical changes in the body? Researchers have found people who smile actually lower blood pressure and decrease anxiety levels.

Dress for Success: Create the response you need to succeed by looking your best. Take a few minutes to wear something a little special. It is a sure-fire way to attract positive attention your direction throughout the day.

Eat Right & Exercise: Avoid refined sugars, excess caffeine or other "comfort foods" that can actually make your mood worse in the long run. A rapid increase or decrease in blood sugar levels is often associated with crankiness; instead, eat some fresh fruit and other healthy alternatives.  It's also a good idea to make time for a brisk walk or trip to the gym; it is an excellent way to clear the mind and restore even the worst mood.