How to Stay Optimistic on the Gloomiest of Days


"When it comes to bad news, we've never had it so bad." That sentiment by Laurence Shorter, author of The Optimist: One Man's Search for the Brighter Side of Life, sums up the way most people are feeling given today's uncertain economic situation and foreboding future.

Unfortunately, excess worry and a pessimistic attitude are associated with everything from poor health to bad business deals. Fortunately, it's possible to remain positive by learning how to overcome negativity and take control of your health, happiness and home with these quick tips:

Count Your Blessings: That old advice your grandparents gave you really does work! They lived through world wars, economic turmoil and other hardships, so perhaps there really is something to be said about remaining grateful for what is going right rather than merely focusing on what is going wrong.

Do Something for Others: Those that give of themselves know it truly is more blessed to give than receive; somehow it tends to put things into perspective and allows us to become more open to the friendship of others.

Make Time for What Matters: Family, friends and the simple pleasures of life take on greater importance than ever when times are tough. Make the most of what life has to offer by setting aside quality time to spend with loved ones.

Take a Time-Out: Allow yourself to take personal time when you need it; whether you go for a walk or splurge on a little something special, remember that you are only human.