Walmart Hero Shout OUT!

Written by Randy Watson

As much as I hate to admit it, I was shopping at my San Antonio neighborhood Walmart this afternoon along with hundreds of others. Christmas rush at Walmart isn't full on yet, but Walmart was full none the less. Fortunately, my shoping excursion didn't include buying any Christmas gifts or toys. I was only in getting some groceries and toiletry items.

While in the toothepaste aisle looking for my favorite toothepaste, a little boy perhaps 4 or 5 walked past a number of people. I thought it strange as he didn't look attached to any of the nearby adults he walked past. I thought he looked kind of like he might be lost. He was holding it together until I bent over and asked if he was okay. (How could someone loose their child? But, that's another story for another day...)

His little face turned red as a beet and he said he couldn't find his mother. As soon as he got those words out, he broke into tears. I asked him his name and told him everything would be ok and that I would help him find his mother. I quickly looked around and found the two nearest ladies and told them to stay right here with the little boy and that I would get a Walmart employee.

I took a quick look for a store employee, but didn't see any. So I went to the druggist counter, cut in front of everyone in line and she just kind of gave me a "what do you want me to do about it" look... so, I headed back to the aisle where the little boy was. On the way back, I saw another Walmart employee merchandising her shelves and told her about the boy that was missing his mother. This employee dropped what she was doing and came over to help. A manager was called and the boy walked away with the manager to be reunited his mom and be on their way back to their San Antonio home.

I want to thank the nameless ladies that helped watch and comfort the lost little boy as well as the Walmart Associate and manager. I also want to remind everyone to stay aware of your surroundings and keep your eyes open for anyone in need of help, especially the little children and even the elderly. Please help if and when you can.