Craig Beman: Inspiring Through Art and Ministry

 Craig Beman is not your typical artist. Most artists scrape and scrounge to make a buck, and when they do, it's usually a hard-won dollar. When Beman makes a buck, he immediately donates it! All of his proceeds from the sale of his art go to Healing Promises Ministries, an organization begun by Craig and his wife, Peggy, to motivate and help preachers fulfill their ministries. But his generosity with his earnings is not the only thing that sets Beman apart from other artists. What truly makes him unique is that he is just getting started in the art scene.

Yet with the success he has had so far, it seems that Craig Beman Artwork will be inspiring people for years to come. With a degree in Economics, Beman has never had any formal artistic training, but judging from the works he creates, one would certainly never know. He credits God with giving him the gift, and only began sketching, painting, and exploring his gift on the 40th day after he and his wife began ministering full-time in 1999 at the age of 46. In addition to developing his skills, Beman is also pushing the boundary between hand-made art and computer generated art, and blending the two through the Giclee archival print reproduction process.


This process uses multi-density pigments and dye-based inks to enhance the production of fine art prints, and makes an artist of the printer himself. Using the latest technology, color design, mathematics, and art work come together to create a unique, high-quality reproduction, that will last for years to come, and hold up to sunlight, fading, and the passage of time.

Beman’s paintings and sketches are based primarily on three themes: simplicity, inspiration, and motivation. From his landscapes of places which inspire through their majesty, such as his "Great Plains" series or through the peace and tranquility of his "Tropical" works, Beman understands that nature is a place of rejuvenation, rest, and spirituality. On the other end of the spectrum, sports are also important to Beman, and he seeks to show that today's football, basketball, racing, golf and baseball heroes inspire and motivate us in different ways—through their competitive spirit, leadership, and desire to be the best.

Another strong inspiration, and one that is likely to keep Beman busy in the future, is his new home in Texas. One can see from his works on the various missions, landmarks, and historical buildings in San Antonio that Beman is just beginning to explore the beauty and uniqueness of his new home state of Texas and his soon to be new home of Stephenville, Texas, requiring a move from his current home in San Antonio's Promontory Point at Stone Oak. Beman has recently decided to open his own gallery, just off the town square in Stephenville. Although his works can be found in other galleries, the opening of his own gallery means that Beman is not only serious about his own art, but means to help other artists have an outlet for their own works.

Of course, for Beman, the art and business of selling it is secondary to what he feels is his true calling, that of helping pastors fulfill their ministries and be the best, most motivated, and inspirational they can be, through his work with Healing Promises Ministries. Most often, people come looking to preachers for guidance, but who is there to help guide the preachers? Healing Promises seeks to minister to the ministers through a series of retreats, exchanges, meetings, and seminars which seek to train and refocus leaders to help them relocate their inner strength and become even more motivated and inspirational.

All artists have muses. For Craig Beman, his spirituality and relationship with his faith are his muses, inspiring and motivating him through his art as well as his ministry. For more information about Craig Beman or to inquire about his art, visit his website at: