Leon Springs, Texas

Since its days as a stagecoach stop, Leon Springs has been a place for travelers to rest, have a great meal, and some entertainment, but these days, people are coming here and staying for good!  The town may have grown a bit since the old days, but it still possesses the rugged frontier charm and laid back lifestyle that drew people here in the first place.

Like much of Texas Hill Country, Leon Springs possesses quite a colorful history.  The town was founded by a variety of characters, such as John W. Smith, the last messenger sent out from the Alamo; John Meusebach, a German baron who helped make a lasting peace with the local Indians; and Max Aue, a retired Texas Ranger, who helped develop the town as a stagecoach stop, bringing the first commerce to the town.  Many of the buildings that these men and their families built are still in use today, giving the town a timeless, historical feel.

For nature enthusiasts, Leon Springs provides miles of parks, reserves, and protected land, ensuring that although the town may grow, the beauty and majesty of Texas Hill Country will be preserved.  Residents of Leon Springs can enjoy the peace and serenity of Friedrich Wilderness Park and its five miles of hiking trails, and thousands of species of animals that call the area home.

Leon Springs is famous in Texas for being home to the original Rudy’s Country Store and Barbeque.  These days, Rudy’s is known throughout the southwest, but the store started in 1929.  Rudy's features an array of smoked meats and a special sause that they ship around the world.  The town is also home to the Leon Springs Dancehall, another of the Hill Country’s famous landmarks.  The dancehall is a great place to come with friends and family for a favorite Texas meal of barbeque and beer, and to listen to local country bands perform live.

Located in Leon Springs is Camp Stanley, a logistics facility used for ammunition storage and testing, and Camp Bullis, utilized for firing ranges, maneuver areas for army, air force, and marine combat units, and for field training of the various security and medical units from Lackland AFB, Ft Sam Houston and Brook Army Medical Center. The total area includes over 26,000 acres. In addition to providing the all important military training facilities, much attention is dedicated to wildlife reservations.

Leon Springs offers residents peaceful, laid-back country living in a historical small town, located just ten miles outside of San Antonio.  Residents are able to relax, surrounded by the Texas Hill Country beauty, but also have all the amenities of the city just a short drive away.  Residents are pleased to call Leon Springs home, and one visit will show you why!