More High-Tech Jobs Coming to San Antonio

San Antonio’s high tech sector is rapidly growing.  So much so, that the demand for qualified employees is outstripping the supply.  It’s no secret that many high-tech companies are moving into the city, but some, such as Rackspace, who have plans for growth, are having a hard time competing with other companies for their workers.  This is certainly a good sign for area graduates or soon-to-be-graduates with computer science degrees, and for others as well.


Texas now ranks second only to California in high-tech workers, but still needs more.  Rackspace has started hiring liberal arts majors to train in technical matters.  Of course, the competition is difficult for smaller companies like Rackspace.  Dell, the National Security Agency, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Pratt and Whitney, Microsoft and many other cutting edge companies are based in or near San Antonio, and those named have budgets much larger than Rackspace.

It doesn’t matter to these companies whether the talent is in San Antonio or not.  Many of their employees simply commute from Austin or other nearby cities and towns.  For university students and recent graduates from San Antonio schools, though, the future looks great.  These lucky future employees have their pick of the litter for good, high paying jobs with some of the best companies in the nation.  The average high-tech worker in Texas earned over $68,000 last year.

Rackspace, with their "Fanatical Support", is a technology company that hosts Web sites and applications and anticipates being able to create between 4,000 to 5,000 jobs over the next five years. Rackspace has agreed to lease the Windor Park Mall property in the City of Windcrest near Northeast San Antonio's IH35 corridor and invest over $100 million for improvements. The company plans to re-locate its current headquarters in Northwest San Antonio and 1500 employees to the mall.

These new jobs will be in many different categories, not just high-tech.  Rackspace is looking to hire in marketing, sales, and professional services.