San Antonio's Botanical Gardens Blossom in the Spring!

Written by Randy Watson

For those looking to enjoy some of south Texas natural beauty, a visit to San Antonio's Botanical Gardens could be just the thing.  Built as much for learning as for aesthetic enjoyment, the gardens are home to many programs and educational activities for people of all ages.  The garden grounds also provide venues for concerts, art exhibitions, plays, conferences, meetings, and even weddings.

The gardens themselves are changed seasonally to display all the colors and flora that south Texas has to offer.  San Antonio is the sister city to Kumamoto, Japan, and as such, the Kumamoto En Garden is dedicated to this relationship and features many well-built structures and Japanese plants.  For the blind visitors, the sensory garden features plants and flowers that are meant to be experienced through touch, rather then sight.  Be sure to check out the Lucille Halsell Conservatory. Built by the Botanical Society and costing just under $7 million, the conservatory features underground glass buildings and a below-earth lagoon with desert cacti, succulents, ferns, fruits, and aquatic plants, each kept in its own climate-controlled environment.

Above ground, the Texas Native Trail is a walking trail designed to pay homage to the topography and native environment of all of Texas.  From the East Texas Piney Woods, to the hill country, and South Texas desert, all the natural aspects of this great state are represented in an authentic way.  The trail is also home to many cabins and houses which are replicas of many of the first homes that were built in Texas.

Learning events are always taking place at the Botanical Gardens, and those interested in studying horticulture, water conservation, botany, and natural history, can always find a class or workshop to explore the natural world.  For children, camps are conducted during spring break and in the summer, and there are also many workshops for kids throughout the year.

In the summer months, the Gardens really blossom. . . in more ways than one!  Summer brings Shakespeare in the Park, and the Concerts Under the Stars series, great events that are fun for the whole family.  Periodic plant sales also take place for those wishing to bring a little of the garden home with them.

The gardens await!