San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival
Do you have a passion for Christian films? Perhaps the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival would be something of enjoyment for you. The goal of the festival is to showcase and encourage production of films that keep the highest biblical values. It is a platform for those Christian filmmakers who may not get the recognition otherwise. It is meant to offer a joyful experience to advance the work of Jesus Christ through the medium of film.

When: January 5th - 10th, 2009

Where: San Antonio, Texas

Visit their website, to purchase tickets.

Prizes and Competition

If you are a Christian filmmaker, then even better news for you. There is a $10,000.00 "Best of Film Festival" Jubilee Award given for the best Independent Christian Film Short. Gone are the days of old when you needed tens of thousands of dollars to create films. In fact, the equipment is cheap enough that a single individual is capable of funding a project. There are many factors taken into account for the awards including theological accuracy, production value, quality, and level of difficulty. A few of the other several awards being given is Best Commercial Advertisement, Best Documentary Short, and Best Feature Film.

Film Academy

Have you always wanted to know how to develop films? Are you an aspiring filmmaker? Or, do you simply have an interest in it? The Film Academy would be a good place to visit. It is a technical boot camp for those who want to learn about the production of films. It has a sixteen hour classroom sitting with industry professionals. It contains personal discussion with those that will be providing the lectures. And even more importantly in the film production world, it offers an opportunity to build personal relationships with individuals with similar interests. The film academy will take place on January 5th - 7th and the cost is $395.00 per person. You are encouraged to enroll early at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival website.

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