Spurs Clobbered in LA--Down 0-2

The San Antonio Spurs could not do what their counterparts did in the first game of the series, which was to rebound from a large deficit to win the game.  In Game 2, the Spurs fought the Lakers evenly throughout most of the first half of Friday's game, but allowed LA to go on a 9-0 run just before halftime.  After the half, San Antonio was hoping for a replay of the opening frame of the second half, where they went on a 14-2 run.  What they got was a mirror image.  LA came out after the half determined to take a 2-0 lead in the series, and Kobe Bryant scored 7 points in the first 2 minutes of the second half to break the game wide open.  The Spurs were never in it again, as the Lakers cruised to an easy 101-71 victory.

Being down 0-2 in the NBA playoffs is a place that no team wants to find itself.  San Antonio was in the same position just two weeks ago against the Hornets, yet regrouped to finally win that series in 7 games.  The Lakers, however, are a vastly different team than the young Hornets, and winning this series will require a superhuman effort from the defending champs.

One of the concerns facing San Antonio is the status of Manu Ginobili, who has been ineffective in this series, as he is nursing an injured finger and a sprained ankle.  In Game 1, Ginobili only managed three baskets in the contest.  In the following game, the Argentine sixth man only managed two.  Of course, when a team only scored 71 points in a playoff game, there is plenty of blame to go around, and it’s safe to say that no one played particularly well.  Tony Parker scored 13 points and had 4 assists.  Tim Duncan scored 12 and added 16 rebounds.  Parker and Duncan were the only Spurs to score in double digits in the game.

The Lakers, on the other hand, played a beautiful game, and had 5 players scoring double digits, led by Kobe Bryant’s 22 points.  Lamar Odom scored 20 points and added 12 rebounds.
The Spurs shot 50% from the free throw line, going 5-10, and only managed 6-23 three pointers, and shot only 34% from the field.  LA shot 90% from the free throw line and 55% from the field.

The good news for the Spurs is that the next two games will be played in San Antonio, so the Spurs will have the crowd on their side as they try to claw their way back into the series.  It is certainly a long climb that San Antonio has ahead of them, but they proved against New Orleans that their veteran team is capable of shrugging off pressure and thriving when their backs are against the wall.  Spurs fans are certainly waiting to see them do it again.