San Antonio Home Uncluttering

One of my favorite moments from childhood was going to my aunt's house to hang out with my cousins. Aside from getting to play video games with my cousins, my aunt's San Antonio home was an adventure in itself. It was a quaint little house only five minutes away from my own house. It wasn't big at all, but what lacked in size made up for mini-adventures. Bookshelves stacked with large books about different wars, model airplanes, and chain mail and armor from the medieval times. My seven-year-old self would always look up at these things with awe. My uncle would continue to buy model airplanes, assemble them, and display them proudly up on his bookshelves. From an early age I knew that it was very "Look, but don't touch."

Of course, as my uncle's collection accumulated, the space to store his goods became smaller and smaller. Their garage became cramped as well. The books slowly became an overwhelming sight to see and my aunt and uncle finally decided to place (a lot of) his things in a storage unit. I remember helping them pack and store his books and other trinkets in a storage facility. The Hunt for Red October by Tom Clancy is a book that instantly comes to mind when I think of the storage unit. Watching their house uncluttered definitely made the house more open. All of the books were not removed, so the magic was still there. The scary suit of armor still lurks around the house.

Decluttering your living space does not mean you have to take the personality out. You may have items that you don't want to throw away. Don't go through the woes and troubles of deciding what to let go. Instead, use a storage unit to help declutter your living space while not having to let go of anything of importance. Storing your items in your garage is a waste of space. You could easily have your very own workroom in your garage, an extra refrigerator, or even be able to park your cars in your garage! Or better yet, you could convert it into a little den if you have the space. My great-uncle converted his California home's garage into a bar/den, so whenever they would have parties, an open bar would be set up with a karaoke machine running and the drinks pouring.

Getting rid of things and actually throwing them away is a difficult task. The memorabilia that you may be contemplating on throwing away may possibly be worth something in the future. It also doesn't need to clutter up your living area. Think about using a storage facility to help store your things and potentially organize your house.

Joseph Ver is an intern at SpareFoot. He is a double major in Digital Media Management and Marketing at Saint Edward's University. His hobbies include cooking, exploring the city of Austin, and finding good places to eat. Searching for a storage unit near you is very easy SpareFoot. With SpareFoot, you can compare prices and locations to help you with your decluttering project. You may contact Joseph or Sparefoot Storage at 1-877-687-9771.