Texas Hill Country

Just north of San Antonio lies a majestic, expansive countryside that is a natural world all onto its own.  Residents of San Antonio know it as a wild and untamed patch of land that extends as far as the eye can see, while outsiders simply know it as the “Texas Hill Country.”

There is much to see and do in this area, from strolling down the quaint and picturesque Main Street in search of a one of a kind item to hiking or biking through scenic landscapes full of wonder.  In fact, there are several rugged trails scattered throughout the Texas Hill Country with different sections of terrain that makes these trails passable by foot or by horse, or one can simply venture off and explore the hidden countryside itself.  Common hiking trail favorites include Pedernales Falls State Park, Enchanted Rock State Natural Rock, Lost Maples State Natural Area as well as many other offerings.  Some of these areas even allow for rock climbing, which one has the opportunity to do after besting one of these trails.  Just being on top one of these granite giants can take a rock climber to a whole other world.  Not to mention the elation one has after reaching the top of one of these monoliths.

The area has no shortage of wildlife one can spot and the beautiful patches of wildflowers are endless.  The area also offers tubing, which is one of San Antonio’s favorite summer sports.  The water is crystalline and usually warm to the touch.  There are also often shuttles available around the river areas.