Spring and summer are harvest times for delicious peaches to ripen, and taking a tour through Texas peach growing country is always a good way to get out of town and enjoy the Hill Country and the beautiful Texas summers. Fredericksburg and Gillespie county are the one of the major peach growing areas Texas, and account for 40% of all peaches grown in the state. In fact, there is even a name for the area, The Peach Blossom Trail. To get to the trail from Fredericksburg, take Hwy 290 east to Gellerman lane, then turn left at Vogel’s peach stand. Gellerman lane is absolutely full of peaches. Stands line the road for miles, and on either side are rows and rows of ripening orchards. With summer coming to a close, and with it another peach season soon ending, now is the last chance to enjoy this nearby part of the state. Following are some of the best places to spend a day enjoying fresh fruit in a beautiful setting.


  • Stonewall, Texas—Located along the banks of the Pedernales River, just a few miles east of Fredericksburg is this small town in the heart of Texas peach-growing country. In addition to some of the juciest, sweetest Texas peaches you’ll find, the area is also home to the Lyndon B. Johnson State Historical Park and numerous vineyards and breweries. This is the birthplace of President Johnson, and the LBJ Ranch, located in the Historical Park, contains interesting facts and memorabilia from the former president. His boyhood home is also located in the park. Be sure to check out Burg’s Corner-Hill Country Harvest Inc., and Gold’s Orchards, both located on Hwy 290. Vogel Orchard is another local landmark located on Gellerman lane. Burg’s offers their special peach salsa, peach cider, and peach preserves.

  • In Fredericksburg, George Pehl Orchard is located on RR 1376, just south of the KOA. In addition to getting some great peaches, this orchard also has fresh and juicy tomatoes, vegetables, pecans, pumpkins, and homemade jam and honey.

  • Just outside of Fredericksburg on US 87 is Donald Eckhardt Orchard, which has been producing top quality fruits for 71 years. Along with their great peaches, they offer retail and wholesale plums and tomatoes.

  •  Also, for those who want great Texas peaches, but don’t feel like driving out of San Antonio or other Texas town to get them, ePeach.com offers 48 hour in-state shipping during harvest season.

Although peach season is ending, there is still time to enjoy the Jersey Queens, the last to ripen. These are freestone peaches, meaning that the flesh easily separates from the pit, or stone, making these juicy and perfect for eating fresh off the tree! Also through October, tomatoes and apples are coming into season, so if you do miss the peaches, in Hill Country there’s always something delicious growing on the branch!