San Antonio has a lengthy history as everyone probably already knows. However, the King William’s Fair is held within Texas’ first residential historic district. It is a fair which entails food, a parade, and plenty of vendors displaying their arts and crafts.

When: The 2009 King William Fair is April 25, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Where: 1032 S. Alamo Street; San Antonio, TX 78210


The fair was established in 1967 but held its first fair in 1968. Since, this fair has become an annual event for the area. It was chartered as corporation with non-profit motives to protect the oldest historic district in Texas. It has grown from a small one-block exhibit of arts to a major event. Efforts of hundreds of volunteers have raised funds for education, arts, and improvements to the community.

Fun for the whole family!

While arts and crafts may not seem appealing to some kids there is still lots of other things to do. This includes the popular parade that is held every year and is an astounding 1.5 mile long route.

As well, they have a Kids Kingdom. The kids are admitted free to the event itself and are allowed ride hoses, shoot a bow and arrow, spend time on the large inflatable toys with the purchase of individual tickets. Parents are encouraged to be safe and bring plenty of water, sunblock and/or hats for the children. The Kids Kingdom is held in Mills Park. This is at the intersection of Beauregard and Washington, south of downtown San Antonio.

Come to Eat!

What kind of Texan does not like to eat? I do not think there is such a thing. Each year, the King William's Fair has the classic great vendors. You will find the large variety of food and beverages. You will hopefully find your favorites! Vendors are located throughout the neighborhood to provide easy access regardless of where you are at within the event. We look forward to seeing you there!