The Spur's Dynamic System

by Randy Watson

Who would have thought the San Antonio Spurs had it in them? Even with three future Hall of Famers on the roster, no one thought they would be this good. How many people wrote them off? They are pretty much the same team as last year, right? And the year before? What did they do then? Well, that does not matter exactly because they did not win a championship and they did not shine at all, certainly for anyone outside of San Antonio.

Well, how things have changed. Duncan is playing like he is still a college student at Wake Forest. Where did those energetic legs come from? Is it because Gregg Popovich (Pop), the Spur's coach, knows how to manage an NBA team? Or is it because Duncan decided to work extra hard in the extended off season? It is probably a bit of both.

Take a Breather, Think about the Future

Let's look at Peyton Manning. Yes, you read that correctly. The future Hall of Fame QB, in the NFL, who is coming off a surgery and who has never seen the bench in the NFL because he refused to come out and give the second string QB an opportunity. Manning should have had Pop as a coach but would Manning have listened?

There was game after game when the Colts were blowing out the opposition and 5 minutes to go, Manning is still in the game slinging passes all around to his favorite receivers or handing the ball off. It never made that much sense to me and Manning possibly missed last season because of it and he may never be the QB he used to be.

The Spurs are another story. Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker have received the rest that they seemed to have needed and both are just clobbering their opponents. Duncan's stellar play has been mentioned. But the big three have some serious help and this is known to the league because the league is getting smashed right now by the onslaught of the Spurs.

The Spurs have added Tiago Splitter, Gary Neal, and Kawhi Leonard which has proved to be respectable additions. The Spurs are deeper than ever before and this has the league petrified. Only one team stands in their way and that is the Thunder.

The Heat were the favorites to come out of the east but that idea has been dashed because of their golden center, Steve Bosch, went down with some sort of lower leg injury after he fell awkwardly on it. This type of injury to a key player would devastate most teams as it has the Heat but not the Pop led Spurs who have quietly built a team that is deep and formidable.

This is not the first time the Spurs have done this and Sean Elliot for sure knows all about that.

A Winning Business, a.k.a. NBA Team, Model

On top of the big three being fully rested and ready to whip some teams, the Spurs have another outstanding player who has been being developed by their winning and spectacular talent developing system. He goes by the likes of Danny Green. Green averaged about 9 points this season along with 4 rebounds. He plays the 2-guard position, stands around 6'6" and is an athletic 210 pounds. His play in the post season has been stable and his production has been consistent. He is just another reason why Spurs' fans in the Alamo City are smiling.

The state of Texas is thriving. The economy is poor but Texas is holding its own. If it is not Dallas winning an NBA championship, why not the Spurs? Well, the Oklahoma City Thunder may have some issues with that.

2007 Revisited

Some people say the Spurs should not have won a championship in 2007 because what Robert Horry did, smashing Sun's outstanding point guard Steve Nash into the scorer's table actually hurt the Suns because Amare Stoudemire was eventually suspended for Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals which gave the Spurs a serious advantage. They won Game 7 and the Cleveland Cavaliers did not stand a chance against the Spurs or the Suns if the Suns happened to make it. So in essence, should the Spurs win it this year? Do they deserve a championship or are they up one already because of the unsportsmanlike play from Horry?

The Imposing Teams from the West

Well, you could argue Shaquille O'Neal has 2 rings he does not deserve, along with the Lakers, and Kobe but oh well, back to 2012. It is a case of deja vu because two outstanding teams in the West will meet up again and the East has nothing to offer. Well, the Celtics could be a challenge to someone.