San Antonio is home to a vibrant arts and entertainment community, and also to many unique and interesting venues.  From Broadway shows, to eclectic local productions, and from the symphony, to rock and roll, country, and Tejano music, San Antonio's theaters are always booked with everything from the local to the international, urbane to the eccentric, and from the traditional to the cutting edge.  Visitors and locals can choose to take in a concert by some of the biggest acts today at the AT&T Center, or dip into one of the city's smaller playhouses or amphitheaters to see a local play or singer-songwriter performing.  Here is a look at just a few of the more popular and interesting venues that San Antonio has to offer.


· AT&T Center:  Home to the San Antonio Spurs, the building formerly known as the SBC Center is a huge, modern arena featuring all the bells and whistles that visitors would expect.  In addition to the Spurs, the arena also plays host to rodeos, monster truck rallies, and the biggest concerts that come to the city.  Not the place to go for an intimate night, but certainly the place to be for the biggest spectacles that pass through.  October sees the NBA pre-season get underway, and also the music of Juan Gabriel and Vincente Fernandez.

· The Majestic Theater:  One of Texas' historical and architectural treasures, the Majestic was built in 1929, and for a while, was the largest movie theater in the United States.  The theater fell into disrepair over time, until an effort was undertaken to restore the landmark building in the early '90s.  Repainted, remodeled, and rejuvenated, the Majestic is once again worthy of its name, and now hosts many Broadway shows, and symphonic and intimate musical productions.  Coming up in October:  San Antonio Symphony (12th-13th), Lyle Lovett (13th), Twelve Angry Men (16th-21st), David Sedaris (22nd), and the San Antonio Symphony Pops (26-28).

· Arneson River Theater:  Located at La Villita Historic Arts District, the Arneson may be small, but this small amphitheater is certainly not lacking in charm.  The stage is surrounded by a moat with water diverted from the San Antonio River, and the audience sits on a terraced, grass hill.  The events are normally quite varied, with an emphasis on the unusual and quirky.  Coming soon: Throughout Sept., the Image Dance Company will be performing, and throughout La Villita, the month features Fotoseptiembre Photo Exhibits in adjacent galleries.  In Novernber, Bedouin Tribe will be performing Middle Eastern dances.

· Laurie Auditorium: Located on the campus of Trinity University, this small but storied hall seats just under 3,000 and has hosted the likes of Bill Cosby, Victor Borge, Jay Leno, B.B. King, and numerous political and literary luminaries.  Oftentimes, the University offers its performances free of charge to the public.