South Texas Energy Utility Bill Saving Secrets!

We're coming up on that time of year again, you can feel it. It even feels like the sun just loves to shine a little too much on this state. With temperatures brutally scorching into the 110's at times in June, July and August you can notice a loud buzzing noise outside, it's that beautiful sound of all the air conditioners just humming, some all day, every day. This is also the same noise as money going down the drain. The only heat we like to feel in San Antonio is the Spurs heating up as they go into the conference finals against OKC.

Now what you may not be familiar with is all the little secrets that can hack away at that electric bill of yours. Coming into June you know you're going to war with your electric bill so let's go through some tips that actually work.

1.) Add weather stripping to your doors, seal up the house. This is an investment that will really save you money over the lifetime of your house. The great thing about this method is it works for both seasons the winter and the summer. It prevents hot or cold air from coming in, and hot or cold air from leaving the house. If you have 3 or 4 doors around your house that open to the outside air it can really add up. Make sure that air is not leaking into the attic too, that can really hurt your bill the most, and there's a way to insulate your attic. On a windy day check to see if any air is coming in through any part of the home and then seal it up. There are many great residential insulation consultants out there that can help!

2.) Buy energy saving lights. Although this has nothing to do with your air conditioner, it has everything to do with your electric bill. Fluorescent lights can actually cut your electric bill in half. They will also last longer and they are not as warm as the older lights. If you have a lamp next to a sofa, this will actually make that sofa spot a little cooler, so it actually does have an impact on the temperature in certain spots of the home.

3.) Unblock all vents. Vents are like the veins in the body, if a vein is blocked it can cause all sorts of damage over time to the body, and possibly even death. Vents are sometimes placed in awkward places in the home, where pictures or furniture may also be, this will keep certain rooms or areas warm, and others possibly excessively too cool. This may not save as much on the bill but it will actually make your home feel more comfortable in all places and it may cause you to not turn down the ac some more.

4.) Unplug all small appliances. In the amazing world of technology that we live in, we tend to have many things plugged in that power a little burst of energy. DVD players,microwaves, alarm clocks, cell phone chargers, night lights, lab-top chargers, you name it. These small electrical devices individually don't use up as much energy, however most are going all day, every day, this adds up. If you were to take a home that has a family of 4 to 6 people, this can add up to be a nice chunk of the electric bill. These devices don't need to be plugged in all day every day, you can really cut some fat off the bill if you can conserve with these devices. Many experts believe that this is 10% of your electric bill.

5.) Close the blinds. The sun beaming into certain rooms will really keep the house warmer. If the blinds aren't that great it might be worth the investment to find blinds that will keep out the sun and heat. This will save a nice little chunk off the electric bill.

6.) Wash your clothes in cold water. You may not believe it but this will actually save you between .30 to .40 cents per load on your electric bill. Just give it a try! Your clothes will actually still be just as clean too!

The more energy efficient you make your home it will save you a great amount of money over time. For real estate if a home buyer was to see how much they would save in energy over time it could have a big impact on the sale of the home. If the buyer couldn't make up their mind between your home and another home, the energy saving costs might actually be the tipping point to sale your home. It's worth it!

Jacob Wilson has done the Marketing for Mercury Control Commercial and Residential Heating/Air in Houston, Texas at for 2 years now. He’s also an editor for their Blog. His favorite NBA team is the San Antonio Spurs and he’s a very passionate Texas Resident.