Ideas for Valentine's Gifts That Won't Break the Bank

Your special someone is one of a kind, so it's only natural you want a gift that reflects how special and unique they really are. Here to help are some great tips on finding the perfect Valentine's Day gift without spending a fortune.

Express Yourself: Take time to write down how you really feel, then add a few favorite poems and pictures to create a book they will cherish forever. Visit an inexpensive print-on-demand publisher like to have it bound, printed and delivered straight to your door.

Personalize: Instead of giving an average gift, make something extra special by personalizing their favorite wine, board game (Monopoly is especially fun!) or even golf shirt.

Serenade: It is said that music is the language of love, so if you are musically inclined, borrow a verse from years gone by: compose and sing a song or musical score for the one you love, or hire a musician from the local college to do it for you.

Shine Bright: Adopt a star and name it after your loved one. For less than the cost of dinner for two, you can commemorate their unique place in the universe by naming a star after them.

Get Involved: Show how much you really care by making a donation to their favorite charity on their behalf; instead of the usual flowers and chocolate create a gift basket symbolizing the donation. Be sure to include a gift card letting them know a donation was made on their behalf.