Victoria Texas Ballet

Written by Randy Watson

This non-profit organization was established in April 1984, and they conduct performances for the enjoyment of the residents in Victoria. Their main objective is to be able to promote dance not only in Victoria, but also in the other communities in the South Texas area. This purpose is to be able to encourage people who  have talent to develop their skills and not to let it go to waste. Also, Victoria Ballet Theater allows their residents to be able to see high quality entertainment without the need to visit their neighboring communities such as Austin, Corpus Christi, Houston or San Antonio. Over the years, they have proven their worth as a dance organization. They have members within their local area and nationally renowned artists. This group was able to gain fans, as they were able to create outstanding performances.

Every year, Victoria Ballet presents two presentations for the enjoyment of their people. These presentations featured amazing performers, wonderful costumes and beautifully adorned sets that will definitely capture the attention of their guests. Each of these presentations will be something that the attendees will enjoy and will look forward to in the next year. The first presentation is the Annual Spring Gala, which is a mixed repertory program and the annual performance of Tchaikovsky\'s The Nutcracker, which has been set to as a part of their December tradition.

During their Annual Spring Gala, Victoria Ballet Theater will allow you to experience a wide range of different masterpieces in the performing arts. From Classical masterpieces to diverse entertainment to Contemporary masterpieces, Victoria Ballet will surely have something that you will enjoy. This year’s Spring Gala features the La Fille mal Gardée. This is a mixture of rural passion with a little hint of tenderness and to lighten up the mood, comedy. This ballet is a tale of a love wherein it seems so perfect but it is against the odds. The main characters for the ballet are Lise, the beautiful girl who fell in love with a farmer, Colas, the local farm lad whom Lise loves so much, of course, Widow Simone, the mother of Lise who is set to make the love life of Lise and Colas difficult because she does not approve for Colas to be her daughter’s husband, Thomas, the wealthy vineyard owner and his smart, attractive son, Alain. These characters will bring to life a romance that will surely make your heart fall in love and laugh at the same time! This year’s Spring Gala was March 3 & 4, 2007. Take the time to find out information about next years Spring Gala.

The second presentation featured in Victoria Ballet is the famous Tchaikovsky\'s The Nutcracker. Tchaikovsky composed this masterpiece in 1981-1982 but he was not satisfied with the outcome so he considered it a lesser quality compared to his other pieces. This ballet debuted on December 18, 1982, as a double premier with Tchaikovsky\'s last opera. During this time, it was able to have limited success. Over the years, there have been different versions for this ballet but some of the original works of Tchaikovsky remained intact. Today, this seemingly low quality piece of Tchaikovsky is one of the most popular ballets around the world especially during Christmas.