Why GPS Is More Than Just Maps

Think GPS is just a fad? Better think again. GPS, or Global Positioning Systems, are being used for more than just traffic. In fact, GPS is one of the fastest-growing technologies in the world and is rapidly being adopted by commercial and private interests both domestically and internationally. Here is just a few samples of the useful ways you can use GPS:

911: Emergency assistance is only a call away even when on the road, thanks to GPS-enabled cell phones.

Pet Finder: Keep a virtual eye on your favorite four-legged friend through the use of a GPS-embedded tracking device. It’s especially useful for those who travel with pets. Farm animals, livestock and even birds can also be fitted with the same device for quick tracking in the event of an escape.

Roadside Assistance: Being in an auto accident without the ability to speak or call for help is a concern for every driver, but thanks to OnStar and other similar systems, automobiles around the world can summon help even if you are unable to do so. Consider requesting this feature when reserving your next car rental.