‘Tis the Season.. To Winterize Your Home

Taking the time to prepare your home for the cold weather is a great way to protect your investment and save money now and in the long run. Here are just a few tips to keep you and your home cozy this winter:

  • Clean your gutters to prevent water from building up and freezing.
  • Keep out the cold air by sealing the areas around windows and doors.
  • Caulk gaps, cracks or holes if necessary.
  • Clean your heating ducts and change your furnace filters.
  • Trim trees and remove dead branches to prevent ice buildup, which could cause damage to your home, surrounding property or power lines.
  • Prevent frozen water pipes by draining and insulating them. Keep your heat running, even when you're away from home.
  • Insulate. Since warm air rises, start by making sure your attic is protected.
  • Foolproof your fireplace. Clean the chimney, ensure the damper opens and closes properly and have plenty of firewood on hand for all those chilly winter nights!

Compliments of Navy Federal Credit Union